Wednesday Link-Off: Slamming

Irina Shayk has nothing to do with the rest of this linkdump but I don’t think anyone will care.

To say this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest was boring is a wild and dangerous understatement. But don’t tell that to the celebs at courtside. (Gawker TV)

Score one for the internal combustion engine. Three electric zambonies at the Richmond Olympic Oval broke and/or screwed up the track. Never had that problem with the status quo. (Jalopnik)

Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger: Avid golfer and hilarious golfing buddy. (Wei Under Par)

After the jump, some hockey videos, a Tiger-sized twist, and cheerleaders.

The shocking twist in the Tiger Woods scandal just took its own shocking twist. The woman who claimed that Tiger knocked her up twice is a compulsive liar. (Radar Online)

The New York Times is a bastion of journalistic importance. Their big Olympic feature: More Canadians shoot left-handed than right. That’s why I read USA Today. (New York Times)

This is the most tragic story I’ve read all week. The team that the Charleston Chiefs of Slap Shot fame were based on is moving. (Tribune-Democrat)

Not everybody is a happy camper on the ESPN campus in Bristol. Some folks are telling all without the requisite tell all book. I guess it’s the tell all internet Q & A session. (Deadspin)

Everything’s bigger in Alberta, especially dodgeball games. The University of Alberta lined up 600 folk on either side of the line and let them rip for the world’s largest game of dodgeball. (Bare Knucks)

You would think that the Wall Street Journal would interview Brooklyn Decker about sales and advertising and endorsements but they talked to her about sports. This just in, she knows at least as much as the rest of us bloggers. (Wall Street Journal)

In the market for a new luxury car but can’t afford a proper new luxury car? Well, Porsche has you covered with a new budget version of their Panamera four-door grand tourer. (Top Gear)

Today’s first photo gallery is the ever updating list of the 30 hottest fictional cheerleaders in history. (Bleacher Report)

In today’s second photo gallery, we look at some of the few situations where it’s alright to drop an f-bomb. (Caveman Circus)

Team Canada has a message for the rest of the Olympic hockey superpowers.

Barry “The Mullet” Melrose has a unique product that he uses to fight the visible effects of aging skin.


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