Wednesday Link-Off: Strange But True

katherine-heigl-gq2Katherine Heigl has a new movie coming out this weekend. She hopes that it does well because she’s managed to piss off Grey’s Anatomy writers. I can sleep soundly at night knowing both Grey’s and The Ugly Truth will flop.

The King is back to haunt our dreams. Burger King is sponsoring a Spanish soccer team and expect the King to make regular in-game appearances. (Deadspin)

I knew that you could drive a car without legs but I didn’t think it was possible to ride a motorcycle without arms. (Ananova)

Normally I wouldn’t complain about criminals getting locked up for a long time but this might be excessive. A man steals five CDs from Wal-Mart and gets life in prison. He still got off lighter than if he were to try to start a union in Wal-Mart. (Houston Chronicle)

After the jump, learn about golf broadcasts, dumb athlete excuses, and Rick Astley meets Nirvana in the world’s greatest mashup.

David Feherty is easily the funniest man in golf. So much so that I don’t really mind that he took a little swipe at radio in his latest column. Anyway, here’s his look at live golf broadcasts. (

Speaking of golf, if you weren’t watching the British Open, then you were watching the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament. It had more interesting people in it, including the woman with a giant inflatable penis. (Deadspin)

ESPN is trying to take over the sporting world one city at a time. Finally, people can say that blogs aren’t the only ones destroying newspapers. (New York Times)

And speaking of TWWL, the Erin Andrews caper carries on. Damn well near every blogger out there has turned into an amateur detective. Sherlock Holmes, they aren’t. But Holmes didn’t have a computer, though. (Don Chavez, Deadspin)

What do you if someone screws up your fast-food drive-thru order? Pull a gun on them, naturally. (KSPR)

I mentioned a while ago that The Pirate Bay had been bought out. Well, the new owners have revealed their new, decidedly more legal, operating plans. (BBC)

Shaq is getting his own network TV show. The man now known as The Big Witness will take on other pro athletes in their own game. (USA Today)

This week brings us the return of the classic weekly photo gallery. Sports Illustrated put together a list of the worst excuses offered up by pro athletes to explain their behaviour. (


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