Wednesday Link-Off: I’ve Seen Better Days

eliza-dushku-complex-4I didn’t want to Dushku you out on Sunday but if you’re going to lead a link-dump with Eliza Dushku, this is how you’ve got to do it.

Here’s a collection of 10 great Super Dave stunts. The world is a better place when the world’s greatest daredevil superstar entertainer is on TV. (Unreality)

And they thought fighting in hockey was bad. When CFL teammates get into it at practice, they bust out the shovels to settle things. (AP/Google)

Zombie movies are all the rage again. However, not all zombie movies have been a hit or even remotely memorable. (New York Magazine)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Anyone Can Happen

eliza-dushku-dichen-lachman-01After a week hiatus, I’m back! Hopefully Steve’s Entertainment Link-Off wasn’t too painful to read. This week, let’s shift the focus back onto entertainment related topics only. Yesterday marked the return of Dollhouse on FOX. After seeing Epitaph One, I was totally pumped for the season premiere. I wasn’t expecting the show to return due to its anemic ratings, but sometimes TV miracles can happen (hurray for budget cuts). If you aren’t watching the show… what’s wrong with you? Dichen Lachman and Eliza Duskhu (pictured) should be good enough reasons to tune in.

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Comic-Con 2009: Friday Roundup

While the WB panel was busy promoting their latest batch of films on Friday, two other sci-fi TV shows took snagged a lot of attention. Cult-favourite Dollhouse wowed fans with the airing of Epitaph One + Q&A, while ABC’s Flash Forward officially welcomed a new addition to their cast. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

save-chuck Be a nerd. Join the herd. Save Chuck! The second season finale of Chuck airs on Monday at 8pm on NBC (CityTV if you’re in Canada). Don’t forget to tune in if you want the show to have a shot at a third season! If you missed the majority of the second season, don’t worry, you can catch up by clicking this. In addition to watching the finale on Monday night, don’t forget to take part in the Save Chuck Campaign. The recent rumours about a Chuck renewal aren’t true, so we must push forward to prevent Ben Silverman from making the biggest mistake of his life by cancelling this series. While most “save our show” campaigns are useless, this one might be more effective. Have faith fellow Nerd Herders. Viva Buymoria!

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Weekend Link-Off: When All Else Fails…


Keeping with last week’s theme and going with the best from the week.  By request, Eliza Dushku from her recent appearance in Allure magazine.  This wasn’t as good as her recent Maxim spread.  After the jump, when live TV goes wrong.

Speeding is perfectly alright.  Sex while driving is fine as well.  Doing both at the same time… Well, the Norwegians won’t look too kindly on that. (BBC)

Your testify moment of the week:  Jamie Foxx gives Miley Cyrus some much needed career advice when he finds out that she plans on ruining Radiohead. (Zap2It)  He later apologized because he has no marbles. (Major League 2 reference)

Unreality found 20 of the strangest looking USB drives available. (Unreality)  Although, I still think that getting a real USB finger is more cool than a USB finger on a keychain. (MacQuarie National News)

A British television personality and automotive journalist decides he’s going to make a garden plot for a major botanical show… out of plasticine.  This can only end well. (Daily Telegraph)

An ant species in the Amazon has developed into an all-female species that doesn’t need sex to reproduce.  I think I speak for the male gender when I say that this idea has absolutely no merit and should be immediately disregarded by everyone. (BBC)

Experts say that Twitter will cripple you.  They’re just jealous that they don’t have any followers. (Daily Telegraph)

The world’s most rediculously famous dog heads to the White House.  And people care why? (National Geographic)

The Octomom wants to trademark the name “Octomom.”  It’s all yours.  Nobody cares about you anymore. (Zap2It)

How not to fire a nurse: A Wisconsin hospital pulls a nurse out of surgery to lay her off. (Wisconsin State Journal)

They should be glad they didn’t have to pay the overdue fine on that one. (CBC) Continue reading