Entertainment Link-Off: Anyone Can Happen

eliza-dushku-dichen-lachman-01After a week hiatus, I’m back! Hopefully Steve’s Entertainment Link-Off wasn’t too painful to read. This week, let’s shift the focus back onto entertainment related topics only. Yesterday marked the return of Dollhouse on FOX. After seeing Epitaph One, I was totally pumped for the season premiere. I wasn’t expecting the show to return due to its anemic ratings, but sometimes TV miracles can happen (hurray for budget cuts). If you aren’t watching the show… what’s wrong with you? Dichen Lachman and Eliza Duskhu (pictured) should be good enough reasons to tune in.

After the jump there’s some comic book movies stuff, CW’s neverending cycle of suckage and get your Glee on with ‘Single Ladies’.

Jonathan Mostow did make some good flicks like Breakdown and U-571 before tarnishing his career with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. In an attempt to redeem himself, he’s back with another robot sci-fi feature called Surrogates starring Bruce Willis. Rumour has it, the star and the director didn’t get along very well. Hmm… why does that sound so familiar? (LA Times)

In celebration of the release of Surrogates, let’s take a look back at the sexiest androids in movies. (Moviefone)

Is David Cronenberg remaking David Cronenberg’s The Fly? Well if a remake has to be made, might as well screw it up himself than have someone like Brett Ratner ruin it. (The Hollywood Reporter)

While The Fly is a classic sci-fi horror flick, there are plenty out there that are utter crap. Let’s take a moment to remember the cheesy ‘cellphone-fail’ device used in horror movies. (College Humor)

Since they’re making every toy into a freakin’ movie, we should have seen this coming… Barbie is coming to a big screen near you! *cue horror music* (Collider)

Someone is spending way too much time with Lego. At least it’s an awesome hobby. (JoBlo)

LOL-moment of the week. The Rock as the Tooth Fairy. (Slashfilm)

He comes up with a brilliant idea to acquire Marvel and then get turfed because the guy at Marvel takes the his job. Ouch. (Latino Review)

Iron Man 2 won’t be hitting the screens til May next year, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at a set visit courtesy of ET. (Entertainment Tonight)

Thank goodness Tim Burton never got to make that Superman movie. (Collider)

Looks like that Venom movie is still sorta alive and kicking. Let’s hope it won’t suck like Spiderman 3. (Sci-Fi Wire)

Watch out for CGI Popeye! (JoBlo)

Rotten Tomatoes looks at the worst movies in the past 10 years. (Rotten Tomatoes)

No way! Uwe Boll actually made a good film?! (Film.com)

Perfect time for a ‘told-ya-so’ moment. Things aren’t so beautiful for CW’s Beautiful Life. (The Hollywood Reporter) So whose bright idea was it to cancel Reaper again?

Clearly these shows will boost the ratings at The CW! (LA Times)

Didn’t catch the latest episode of Community on NBC? You should have. (Televisionary) Seriously, go watch it! I don’t want to see another ratings drop next week.

Thanks to the success of 500 Days of Summer, ABC has tapped the two writers to create a sitcom for them. It’s a quasi-‘Friends’ knock off called ‘Friends With Benefits’. Good job ABC. Way to be subtle folks. (Buzz Sugar) I might check it out… as long as the quality of the show leans towards 500 Days and not The Pink Panther 2.

In other 500DOS news, take a look a two funny parodies of the film! (500days.com)

eliza dushkuThought the premiere episode was awesome? Let’s take a look ahead to see what else is in store for this season. (Chicago Tribune)

It certainly looks like I’m not the only one who is enjoying the awesomeness of the Dollhouse season premiere. (Sepinwall, TV Squad)

dichen lachman 2We all speculated what the Dollhouse ratings would be like this season… and now we know. Unfortunately, the numbers were a bit flat. Ok, let’s look at the bright side of this situation. It -did- beat the repeat of America’s Next Top Model! (TV by the Numbers)

If Neil Patrick Harris entered a dance-off against Glee’s Matthew Morrison… who would win? (TiFaux) I can picture this already. This will be legen… …dary!

Now that the week is almost over, let’s take a look back at a hilarious moment in the latest episode of Glee. I must say, best use of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ ever!


And looking ahead… the Glee club is going to tackle some Queen material! Seriously, why isn’t this show drawing larger numbers?

[Youtube=o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlSpWKoDi4c%5D

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