Wednesday Link-Off: I’ve Seen Better Days

eliza-dushku-complex-4I didn’t want to Dushku you out on Sunday but if you’re going to lead a link-dump with Eliza Dushku, this is how you’ve got to do it.

Here’s a collection of 10 great Super Dave stunts. The world is a better place when the world’s greatest daredevil superstar entertainer is on TV. (Unreality)

And they thought fighting in hockey was bad. When CFL teammates get into it at practice, they bust out the shovels to settle things. (AP/Google)

Zombie movies are all the rage again. However, not all zombie movies have been a hit or even remotely memorable. (New York Magazine)

After the jump, the best sports TV hotties, strange bathroom signs, and DOWN GOES O’BRIEN!

Most sports teams are pretty bad at relating to “new media” media outlets like blogs. Add to that group Colorado University who won’t credential bloggers unless they disable comments on CU articles. (The Big Lead)

Speaking of blogging, what do bloggers do on a slow news day? They quote a whole article of someone quoting a whole article that’s quoting a third different article. (Sportress of Blogitude)

I know I said that the Oregon Ducks were getting ridiculous with their endless combinations of jerseys but Seattle looks to have upped the ante. Their new alternate jersey is enough to destroy retinas and TVs. (Deadspin)

After last weekend’s NFL action, the question on everybody’s minds is how pathetic are the Washington Redskins? And is this worst thing that has happened in Washington sports this year. (DC Sports Bog) The Redskins loss to the Lions might not be the worst moment of the year but in DC sports history.

And keeping with the NFL, we’ve all thought it but no one has done a study on it until now. There isn’t much actual football shown on TV football broadcasts. (Cracked)

Speaking of ridiculous institutes of higher learning, Tufts University has decided that its students can’t be trusted. They’ve implemented a new policy on sex in dorm rooms. (Tuft Daily)

I’m thinking of going rallying in this thing. Anyone want to sponsor a driver with no experience? (Top Gear)

Sunday’s photo gallery was the hottest women in sports movies. Today’s first photo gallery is the hottest women in sports TV shows. For once, #1 isn’t a disappointment but I would move #3 to the top of the list. (Bleacher Report)

And remember, if you go to the bathroom in a foreign country, they occasionally do things differently. Remember this handy photo gallery if nature calls while you’re abroad. (Daily Telegraph)

Who needs to see 100 of the greatest viral videos on YouTube when you can see them all in one easy-to-handle package?

Unfortunately, that last video doesn’t include Teri Hatcher in a wet suit… Or Conan O’Brien crashing and burning on set.


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