Entertainment Link-Off: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

save-chuck Be a nerd. Join the herd. Save Chuck! The second season finale of Chuck airs on Monday at 8pm on NBC (CityTV if you’re in Canada). Don’t forget to tune in if you want the show to have a shot at a third season! If you missed the majority of the second season, don’t worry, you can catch up by clicking this. In addition to watching the finale on Monday night, don’t forget to take part in the Save Chuck Campaign. The recent rumours about a Chuck renewal aren’t true, so we must push forward to prevent Ben Silverman from making the biggest mistake of his life by cancelling this series. While most “save our show” campaigns are useless, this one might be more effective. Have faith fellow Nerd Herders. Viva Buymoria!

After the jump, more articles on movies, video games, video games turned into movies (or not) and a hilarious Chuck fanvid.

The Good

The bidding war for Odysseus is over! While it is nice that Warners gets first dibs on this epic, let’s hope they don’t screw things up like 300. (Hollywood Reporter)

Leonard Nimoy is having a career resurgance. He’s appearing in the upcoming reboot of Star Trek. He booked a recurring role on the FOX series Fringe. So what’s next? If Michael Bay can get his act together, we might be seeing hearing Nimoy in Transformers! (MTV)

In other movie casting news, Kate Mara has landed a role in the upcoming Iron Man movie! So, where can I pre-order tickets? (Zap2it)

Lego and Rock Band are teaming up for Lego Rock Band! That’s a winning combination right there. The entire song list has yet to be revealed, so any song suggestions? I say throw in “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd or “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John! (ok fine, my Lego jokes are lame). Anyway, the game should have “Fell in Love With A Girl” by The White Stripes. Since the band filmed a music video with Lego, they should be included in this! (Entertainment Weekly)

The Bad

Even after Beyonce shattered our eardrums earlier in the week, she still manages to top the Friday box office. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx’s latest The Soloist debuted to less than impressive numbers. I suppose bashing Miley Cyrus wasn’t a good idea after all. Never underestimate the power of those fangirls eh? (Entertainment Weekly)

Universal has put the brakes on the film adaptation of the hit video game Bioshock.  (Variety)

The Ugly

If you weren’t already bored with the Canadian crapfest known as Flashpoint, there’s more! One of the Flashpoint vets is teaming up with Global and ABC to create another cop show called… wait for it… “Copper”. Seriously, what were the creators smoking when they came up with that name? (Zap2it)

Normally there isn’t anything that’s associated with Dollhouse that I would consider to be ugly… until now. The ratings for last night’s episode hit a series low with 2.99 million viewers. Can anyone say ‘cancelled’? (TV by the Numbers) I suppose Prison Break is a worse lead-in compared to The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Well aside from the ratings, there are some good news. The next episode looks fantastic! It will frakkin’ blow your mind! Firefly/Serenity alum Alan Tudyk is guest starring on the show and the mysterious Alpha will make his first appearance to set his (evil?) master plan in motion. Come on people, let’s tune into some intelligent programming on Friday night instead of another lame episode of Flashpoint. Plus there is eye-candy involved in Dollhouse! Seriously, who doesn’t want a weekly fix of Eliza Dushku after seeing this? (Popoholic)

And finally the winning combo of Chuck and The Lonely Island. Let’s end off the entry with an awesome fanvid by onlyxbeenyou.


3 thoughts on “Entertainment Link-Off: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. 300 is a good moview nerd-o.

    (Edited to correct spelling. It’s not written “moview”. Apparently they don’t teach you how to spell at Brock. — SM)


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