The Layover: The Complete First Season

Given how similar we are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a fan of chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain. Last November, the Travel Channel debuted a second show starring Bourdain. This new one follows Tony as he spends a day in a city and explores the local culture and food scenes. Appropriately, this one is called The Layover. Fans of No Reservations will recognize the style of show but condensed into a smaller time frame.

Today, we bring you all ten of this season’s episodes including Tony’s layover in Montreal. Continue reading

Man Lab Kitchen: Kicking Up The Office Potluck

The Christmas season seems to involve a high number of office potluck luncheons. Unfortunately, these things suffer from two problems. One: Not all of your coworkers can cook something edible. And two: Most offerings are dips or involve cheese. So the Man Lab is going to help you stand out from the crowd with three recipes to make you the king of the office potluck. Remember that everyone loves a man who can cook. Continue reading

For Thanksgiving Dinner: Epic Meal Time’s Turbaconepicentipede

Last year, the boys of Epic Meal Time made a huge splash on the internet with their famous TurBaconEpic. This year, they’re back with their homage to American Thanksgiving dinner. But this time, they’ve used that YouTube money to do not one but 10 of their famous bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pigs lined up to make a 802,420 calorie Turbaconepicentipede. Continue reading

Man Lab: Desserts for Canadian Thanksgiving

If you’re in America, you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about with recipes for Thanksgiving dessert. Well, Thanksgiving in Canada is this Monday. Everyone knows that the entrée for Thanksgiving has to be a turkey. Sides should be stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash and cranberry sauce. But that leaves dessert. I’ve never found a consensus for Thanksgiving dessert. Pumpkin pie seems traditional but apple pie is also a popular dish. I’ve also found another use for pumpkin in your dessert. So here are three Thanksgiving dessert recipes for you to try this weekend. Continue reading

Man Lab: Labor Day Barbecue Cooking

It’s Labor Day weekend here in North America. That means we have one last chance to fire up the grill before cold weather sweeps in. So we’ve turned to the crew at the Man Lab kitchen to help you out with your Labor Day barbecue. Sometimes, food isn’t about getting you laid. It can also be about good eats. So here are some Man Lab approved recipes for Labor Day. And, yes, you can make dessert on the grill. Continue reading

Man Lab: Breakfast In Bed Recipes

At the Man Lab, we’re huge advocates of the adage that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t impressed with a man who is a decent cook. You don’t have to be a Michelin star calibre chef to impress a woman with your culinary prowess. All you need to do is cook something that doesn’t make her want to vomit.

So in today’s Man Lab post, we have three breakfast recipes to try cooking for your girl. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Continue reading

Man Lab Link-Off: Being a Boy of Summer

Did you know it’s been 50 days since we last did a Man Lab linkdump? We’ve got a lot of links to go through but let’s start with Raica Oliveira.

You’ve probably seen this list floating around the interwebs but here is COED’s list of the 50 most popular women on the internet based on the number of Google search results. (COED Magazine)

After the jump, food women want, booze for everyone and the Man Lab’s first song recommendation. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Masta Pasta

It’s been three months since we’ve seen an episode of Epic Meal Time so epic that we felt compelled to post it. This week’s episode of EMT is Italian food just the way my grandmother used to make it. There’s way too much there and she kept piling food onto our empty plates while we tried to get her to stop. But unlike the EMT crew, she didn’t use bacon, Jack Daniels, Chef Boyardee and more for an absolutely epic Italian pasta feast. Continue reading

Man Lab Link-Off: Cooking

It’s time for another edition of all the links of for the modern man. Let’s kick off with Bar Refaeli. I’m assuming Leo DiCaprio is either blind or in the closet to dump Bar. It’s just impossible to think he had a logical reason.

Don’t ask me how this UBC study works but it essentially says that women love bad boys. Proud or shamed looking men are more attractive to women than happy men. Maybe that Twilight dude was onto something. (Health Zone)

After the jump, how to meet women, strange hangover cures and advice from movie dads. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Meat Building 101

When a fan wrote in for advice on making his own epic meal, Epic Meal Time didn’t just send him a recipe or some advice. They sent the whole crew. On this week’s episode of EMT, the crew teams with students from Queen’s University to recreate a campus landmark with meat, ham and bacon. I never thought I’d say this but Queen’s did the damn thing this time. Continue reading