Epic Meal Time – Masta Pasta

It’s been three months since we’ve seen an episode of Epic Meal Time so epic that we felt compelled to post it. This week’s episode of EMT is Italian food just the way my grandmother used to make it. There’s way too much there and she kept piling food onto our empty plates while we tried to get her to stop. But unlike the EMT crew, she didn’t use bacon, Jack Daniels, Chef Boyardee and more for an absolutely epic Italian pasta feast. Continue reading


Epic Meal Time – Meat Building 101

When a fan wrote in for advice on making his own epic meal, Epic Meal Time didn’t just send him a recipe or some advice. They sent the whole crew. On this week’s episode of EMT, the crew teams with students from Queen’s University to recreate a campus landmark with meat, ham and bacon. I never thought I’d say this but Queen’s did the damn thing this time. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Maximum Protein Experience

The team at Epic Meal Time are back this week with a new meal of epicness. This time, they bring us to their gym where they protein up after their workout. But they don’t make your standard protein bars and protein shakes. They make big-ass protein bars and protein shakes with bacon. They don’t *squawk* around when it comes to their protein. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Chocolate and Hearts

This week, the crew at Epic Meal Time did a special Valentine’s Day episode which was all heart. Well, not all heart. In addition to chicken and lamb hearts, there was chocolate (and bacon). I don’t eat heart so I can’t say I’m a fan of this week’s episode but it’s only appropriate that you cook heart for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Tequila Taco Night

This week, Epic Meal Time covers my favourite type of food: Mexican food. With their classic EMT touch, they make tacos, a quesadilla and a giant burrito known as El Gigante. Naturally, there’s pounds upon pounds of bacon, beef, chicken and steak and topped off with lots of Patron tequila. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – The Sloppy Roethlisberger

Personally, I thought that last week’s Epic Meal Time Super Bowl special was a bit underwhelming. Then they came back with the most epic of epic Super Bowl meals. It’s 20 pounds of bacon, 13 pounds of ground beef and 11 pounds of sausage in a 10 pound bun. Top it with tons of cheese and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and you have the 50 pound, 138,226 calorie Sloppy Big Ben Roethlisberger. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Epic Super Bowl Sandwich

This week, the crew from Epic Meal Time travels to New York for a Super Bowl Special. On the street, they run into the crew from Barely Political. So the crew from EMT cooked up a special New York style epic meal for the Super Bowl. It’s epic, filled with pastrami and bacon and deep-fried. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time – Meat Salad

This week, the crew of Epic Meal Time are back with a fresh take on salad. The old saying popularized by The Simpsons is “You don’t make friends with salad.” It looks like the EMT boys are trying to prove that adage wrong by making a salad solely with meat. Continue reading

Epic Meal Time: Chili Four Loko

The latest craze to sweep YouTube is mad chefs of Epic Meal Time. They come up with some of the craziest and most delicious looking meals to ever find their way to the internet. We’re fans of good food here at The Lowdown Blog so we feel compelled to share their latest culinary creations with you every week. This week, it’s a spicy, meat-filled chili that includes a dash of Four Loko for that added kick. Continue reading