BIFF2013: Labor Day

labor day posterIt’s okay to let yourself be happy, because you never know how fleeting that happiness may be. Jason Reitman’s latest effort Labor Day is a moving film that looks into how desperately we seek happiness and how quickly that happiness can be torn away once it is achieved. It is a snapshot of the happiness found with the storm clouds looming on the horizon. The film carries a melancholic tone to it, even during moments when things are seemingly good. Continue reading


Man Lab Kitchen: Labour Day Grilling

This Monday is Labour Day. Since this marks the unofficial end to summer, there’s no time like the present to fire up the grill. So we’ve reopened the Man Lab’s kitchen for the first time in nine months to give you some of our favourite grilling recipes. If you’re looking for recipes that say “turn on grill and slap on steak,” you’ve come to the wrong place. That little bit extra effort means a lot when it comes to flavour and impressing your friends.
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Man Lab: Labor Day Barbecue Cooking

It’s Labor Day weekend here in North America. That means we have one last chance to fire up the grill before cold weather sweeps in. So we’ve turned to the crew at the Man Lab kitchen to help you out with your Labor Day barbecue. Sometimes, food isn’t about getting you laid. It can also be about good eats. So here are some Man Lab approved recipes for Labor Day. And, yes, you can make dessert on the grill. Continue reading