Entertainment Link-Off: Warning – Long Entry Ahead!

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UPDATE: An interesting article on the demise of politically based dramas including CW’s “Body Politic”. The executive producers are currently shopping the show around. Perhaps a “Save Body Politic” campaign should begin eh? (New York Times)

Welcome to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Headlining this article is Jessica Stroup. You may recognize her as Silver on the CW’s 90210. The show is horrendous, but I still tune in and it’s all because of her. She also had a multi-episode stint during the first season of Reaper (one of the few good shows on the CW). See, the show has its fair share of eye candy. It’s also quite funny… definitely worth checking out! While the CW decided to bury Reaper alive during the May upfronts, the show is still on hanging on through “life support” (I’m looking at you ABC Studios and whatever cable network they’re pitching it to now). For the latest updates and to find out how you can keep the show alive, click here.

After the jump lots of TV tidbits, a bit on movies, new artists alert and a Jessica Stroup picspam! 

The television season may have ended, but the TV news and updates continue to roll in.

First up, Conan O’Brien makes his much anticipated debut as the host of The Tonight Show on Monday. The Monday night show drew the biggest audience for the talk show since 2005. Despite the 30% ratings drop the following night, Conan still manages to dominate the hour. Can he remain on top… oh say a month from now? Only time will tell, in the meantime, check out the side by side recap of Conan vs. Letterman on Monday night. (The Toronto Star)

Meanwhile Stephen Colbert is making a jump overseas! That’s right, Colbert Nation is spreading to Iraq! (Zap2it)

There was a lot of hoopla around the net regarding Dominic Monaghan’s appearance in one of ABC’s latest promotional videos. Could he be returning to Lost or is he appearing on a brand new ABC pilot? Who knows… but since ABC is keeping silent on the matter… speculate away… and you’ll find out this fall or erm… winter. (Entertainment Weekly)

In other TV casting news… Darth Maul is going to join Heroes!!! As much as I like Ray Park (he is definitely awesome), this just might be a case of too little too late for the show. (Entertainment Weekly)

There were early reports that Brian Austin Green was offered a role in the seventh season of One Tree Hill (yes it’s still not dead, I can’t believe it). However, due to all the bad buzz surrounding the net… he’s having second thoughts. (Zap2it)

The Notorious BAG is part of another CW pilot “Body Politic”. Yes, the CW still hasn’t picked it up yet. While the crew at Watch with Kristen are a bit behind when it comes to jumping on the BP bandwagon, it certainly doesn’t matter because they dig it as well! (E! Online) I still wonder why they never mention Jenny Wade in the articles. She’s awesome! Where is the love people hmm? =(

Speaking of defunct shows… Josh Friedman (exec producer of The Sarah Connor Chronicles) blogs/rants about the show’s cancellation. I miss the show and the awesomeness surrounding Summer Glau. Anyway, it’s a fun read, check it out! (Josh Friedman’s Blog) — warning– there is some ‘colourful’ language in there.

There’s a lack of original scripted programming on network TV during the summer… it’s quite boring. I’m desperate enough to watch CTV/NBC’s latest offering “The Listener”. It’s not a bad show, but it’s not great either. At least I’m not losing brain cells as I spend an hour watching this in front of the TV screen. For a Canadian show, it’s actually well executed. I’m a little surprised myself. The premiere of “The Listener” didn’t draw spectacular ratings. While it did beat out “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” (which is a crap show by the way) in overall ratings… it lost out in the 18-49 demos. Is there no justice in this world? (TV by the Numbers)

In movie news, Will Ferrell flops and it looks like having a “hangover” isn’t such a bad idea after all! (Nikki Finke)

A woman is suing Sacha Baron Cohen because she suffered “life-altering injuries” during the making of “Bruno”. I guess she couldn’t handle the image of Cohen’s bare ass. (The Hollywood Reporter)

RT brings us their wish list on which directors should making certain video game adaptations! (Rotten Tomatoes)

Speaking of great directors, Guillermo Del Toro talks about his past flicks, The Hobbit and things that go bump in the night. (BBC)

The countdown to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen continues. There are speculations that the film will be big… real big. (HitFix) I’m a little skeptical about that prediction, but I know it’ll be huge. It has giant robots, amazing action and Megan Fox. What more can I ask? Anyway you can also get your geek on by checking out some new photos here! (Olivia Munn)

E3 was going on this past week. Don’t forget to check out Steve Murray’s coverage of the awesome gaming fest here, here, here, here, here and here! Phew… that’s a lot!

Onto some music news.

Introducing hot new UK artist Pixie Lott. She has an amazing voice. She’s also tall, pretty and blonde, which is a definite bonus. (BBC)

Another artist you should check out is singer/songwriter David Choi. To all those that dig smooth mellow music mainly driven by an acoustic guitar, this is for you! Here is his latest music video for “Won’t Even Start”.

You can also listen to the various remixes he did with Wong Fu Productions in this hilarious video blog post. (Youtube/Wong Fu Productions)

Before I end this entry with the Jessica Stroup picspam… take a look at the awesome Neil Patrick Harris taking part in David Letterman’s Top 10.

Ah yes, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the picspam! Enjoy =)

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