Entertainment Link-Off: Like A Boss

Two comedies hit the theatres this week. One is the certified fresh Horrible Bosses starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston. On the other end is the critically panned Kevin James comedy Zookeeper. Have fun at the movies this week folks… Anyway, kicking off this entry is Olivia Wilde in her latest photoshoot with Marie Claire. No she doesn’t appear in any of the aforementioned flicks.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Warning – Long Entry Ahead!

jessica stroup 18

UPDATE: An interesting article on the demise of politically based dramas including CW’s “Body Politic”. The executive producers are currently shopping the show around. Perhaps a “Save Body Politic” campaign should begin eh? (New York Times)

Welcome to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Headlining this article is Jessica Stroup. You may recognize her as Silver on the CW’s 90210. The show is horrendous, but I still tune in and it’s all because of her. She also had a multi-episode stint during the first season of Reaper (one of the few good shows on the CW). See, the show has its fair share of eye candy. It’s also quite funny… definitely worth checking out! While the CW decided to bury Reaper alive during the May upfronts, the show is still on hanging on through “life support” (I’m looking at you ABC Studios and whatever cable network they’re pitching it to now). For the latest updates and to find out how you can keep the show alive, click here.

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