Despite TV Ratings, IndyCar Is On The Right Track

Normally, I wouldn’t respond to posts on another blog but I couldn’t help but note an oversight of facts in an Awful Announcing post about IndyCar’s ratings on the NBC Sports Network. While noting that IndyCar’s ratings are down by 27% on NBCSN and 17% on ABC compared to the 2011 season, author Joe Lucia suggests IndyCar’s management needs to consider big changes heading into the 2013 season to right the course.

There’s one big problem with that suggestion: IndyCar’s brass has already made it the best North American racing series on-track. Continue reading


The Humanoids: TV’s Bloopers And Practical Jokes

For the first time in what seems like forever (actually, it’s only been four-and-a-half months), I’m back with a fresh edition of The Humanoids column. This week, I take a look at the sad state of TV with a couple of few TV shows I watch regularly in danger of cancellation, I examine the current state of what’s actually put in front of us on TV and who really makes network programming decisions and who influences the scripts that we see on TV every week. Continue reading

The College Sexicon

ABC News’ Nightline is considered a respectable news program in the world of American television (which is a relative thing). However, on Monday, they left the beaten path of important news to warn America of a peril that is sweeping the college campuses of their great nation. Apparently, young people are having sex and talking about it online. Oh, the shock and horror of it all.

Getting past all the shock of the sleeping pensioners that “watch” Nightline, one good thing came out of last night’s episode. They’ve come up with a new “sex lexicon” of college hook-up terms for the over 65 crowd. I thought it was so good that we’re sharing their sexicon with you after the jump. Continue reading

ABC Announces Primetime Schedule for 2009/2010 Season

Flash ForwardHeadlining this article is the cast of “Flash Forward.” ABC started airing promos for this show during an episode of “Lost” in hopes of cashing in on the sci-fi/mystery audience. The network is looking to revamp their schedule as they pick up 11 new shows for the fall season. Unlike certain networks that prefer to scrap 5 hours of weekday programming or perhaps eliminate an entire day of programs, ABC is planning to fill the spaces with 6 dramas, 4 comedies and 1 reality show. Now the main question is, will they be able to pull this off? Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Good News, Bad News

minka kelly 3The television networks are preparing to announce their fall schedules next week. Headlining this article is Minka Kelly. The soon to be former Friday Night Lights star is set to play the lead in the new CW pilot Body Politic. Unfortunately the pilot is being overshadowed by Twilight: The Series Vampire Diaries, recycled material Melrose Place 2.0 and a scripted version of America’s Next Top Model Beautiful Life. So here I am doing another plug in hopes of generating more attention to a potentially good show, unlike the other stuff that the CW has to offer. I want the show to make it into the fall schedule because it has a great cast and it has a storyline that doesn’t involve a bunch of rich spoiled teens (also the inner VM/FNL fan is also yearning to see this)! While Body Politic isn’t generating enough buzz, the good news is that it appears people are starting to warm up to it. However, the bad news is that the CW usually makes the wrong decisions and are too stupid to realize it until it’s too late (in this case, pick up Vampire Diaries, Beautiful Life and Melrose Place 2.o instead).

After the jump… some good news… and bad news… Continue reading