Wednesday Link-Off: The Actual Story

kim-cloutier-3suisses13-04It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for some links. We’ve been hard at work prepping some E3 preview coverage that will start next week. Between Formula One, IndyCar and E3, it’ll be a busy week on the blog next week. Anyway, let’s start today’s links with the return of Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Martha Stewart may have gone to prison for insider trading but nowadays insider trading is almost the rule rather than the exception. (New Yorker)

The Rob Ford crack video “is gone” according to the video’s owner. I wonder who bought it to hide it forever… (Gawker)

Rob Ford says that his crack scandal has been good for the city… Because it’s increased tourism interest. I don’t think that making your city a laughing-stock is a good way to increase tourism. (The Atlantic Wire)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Reframing the Discussion

kelly-brook-newlook12-25‘Twas middle of the week before Christmas and all through HQ,
not a blogger was blogging. Not even… using undo?

Okay, I’m never going to make it as a poet. Maybe I’ll just stick to the links for today. Don’t worry, though. We’re still busy plugging away on posts. I’ll have a couple of video game posts to close out the week. Still working on next week, though. Next Wednesday will be our year-in-review set of links. I’ll probably have a best games of 2012 post next week, too. For today, it’s normal programming. Let’s start with English model Kelly Brook.

A lot of the hate after the Sunny Hook Elementary School Shooting was focused on the NRA and the so-called gun nuts. However, this has allowed the gun companies who make these guns to get away without any criticism or scorn. Maybe it’s time for that to change. (Gawker)

Contrary to some of the excuses people grasp at when tragedies like this occurs, part of the problem of why mass shootings is that easy access to excessively destructive firearms to very much engrained in American culture. (CBC News)

The NRA made a statement yesterday saying they won’t make a statement until Friday. They’ve been extremely silent since the Newtown shooting. (Ad Week) Like the Magary column up top said, maybe we should focus on Big Gun instead.

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The World Without The Internet (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like without the internet? It’s both a scary and compelling question. About one-third of the world’s population are on the internet. It has completely changed how the world interacts with each other compared with just ten years ago.

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What Kind of Geek Are You? (An Infographic)

A lot of people self-identify as nerds. Most of these are celebrities who are pandering to the internet crowd in the hopes of making more money. Beyond the “nerds” is a subcategory which I include myself in: The geeks. Geeks are better than nerds in every possible fashion, especially in terms of knowledge in their chosen field of geekdom. But do you know what kind of geek you are? Find out by using this handy infographic. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Game Breaker

It’s the Wednesday before a long weekend… Well, a long weekend in Canada, anyway. So I suppose it doesn’t really count since our biggest contingent of visitors is the Americans. Anyway, here’s new Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.

The most controversial man in the media is now on network TV. Here’s a profile of the newest judge on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern. (New York Times)

Remember when Flickr was cool? Well, it was an important website for photos until Yahoo killed it by forcing the corporate mentality upon it. (Gizmodo)

Guess who might be coming to the Toronto Raptors? The Raps are rumoured to be planning a run for Jeremy Lin. It’d be Linsanity 24/7 for Toronto. (Sports Grid) Coincidentally, 24/7 is roughly the price that scalpers can get for Raps tickets: 7 tickets for $24.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Mind Over Matter

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Kate Upton is kind of a big deal. I think that’s a case of matter over mind, actually.

North Korean media thinks the President of South Korea has a brain capacity of 2 MB. They’ve misunderestimated him a bit. Scientists believe that the human brain is capable of capacity in the terabytes. (Slate)

Want to ramp up your processing power? In your head, I mean. I’m still not done with your brain. Here are nine ways to make yourself smarter. (Gizmodo)

Looking for a real-life spy thriller? An inquest into the death of an MI6 agent has all the elements you would expect from a classic British spy novel. (New York Times)

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The World of Lost Cell Phones (Infographic)

Ever lose your cell phone? I think just about everyone has lost their phone (or misplaced it so badly that you think you’ve lost it) at least once. And while we’re all used to Facebook status updates along the lines of “lost my phone at the bar last night fuck!!!” there are lots of places where it’s more common to lose your phone. For that info and more, we have a handy infographic after the jump. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: That Indie Spirit

I’ve never heard of Emily Ratajkowski before (apparently she’s an actress in addition to being a model) and clearly that’s a massive oversight.

When the most popular wrestler in the WWE is Daniel Bryan and the least popular is John Cena, you know that independent wrestling is slowly taking over the major pro wrestling landscape. (Grantland)

We all know about The Masters tournament thanks to the many poetic stories from golf scribes and the endless TV coverage of the event but here’s the real story of Augusta during Masters Week. (The Awl)

Depending on the day of the week, ESPN’s Skip Bayless is either a troll or a moron. So it’s nice when an ESPN employee takes Skip down on his own show. (Awful Announcing)

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Wednesday Link-Off: TV Timeout

Just so you know I haven’t forgotten our trademark set of early set of SI Swimsuit issue cover odds, here’s Chrissy Teigen. She’s definitely one of the 2013 front-runners.

The Simpsons just aired their 500th episode. They’ve been on air since 1989 but didn’t make a ratings splash until the famous 1992 episode called “Homer At The Bat.” Here’s the story behind the episode that gave Fox their first ratings win. (Deadspin)

With the NHL Trade Deadline next week, there’s an easy way to make yourself an NHL insider. Just follow the E.K.L.U.N.D. system. (On The Forecheck)

It’s only been a month since Versus switched to NBC Sports Network but so far the ratings are fairly abysmal. (Sports Business Journal)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Tech War

Well, we survived yesterday’s solar flare and narrowly escaped SOPA. That doesn’t mean that the internet isn’t turning into a bit of a battle ground. But we can all agree on Arianny Celeste.

The story of Joe Paterno’s death quickly became more than a story about a man dying. It was more a case study of the modern media and it’s shoot first, ask questions later mentality. (Poynter)

With MegaUpload getting shutdown by the FBI, other file sharing websites are tripping over themselves not to suffer the same fate. But are they signing their own death warrants? (Gizmodo)

TV writer/director/producer Ken Levine shows how it’s much harder to be an actor trying to find steady work than a writer in Hollywood. (By Ken Levine)

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