Wednesday Link-Off: We Are All on Drugs

kelly-brook-newlook13-01Well, the moment we’ve been waiting for finally arrived… Sorta. We were hoping for the Rob Ford crack tape but we still got fairly close. Well, let’s get right to the action. First, here’s Kelly Brook.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford confessed to smoking crack cocaine. Tell us something we don’t know. (Toronto Sun)

Even with the confession, we’re still expecting more big noise from the Rob Ford investigation. (Toronto Star)

One of those bombshells is that the mayor’s office hired a hacker to recover the crack tape. (Vice)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Reframing the Discussion

kelly-brook-newlook12-25‘Twas middle of the week before Christmas and all through HQ,
not a blogger was blogging. Not even… using undo?

Okay, I’m never going to make it as a poet. Maybe I’ll just stick to the links for today. Don’t worry, though. We’re still busy plugging away on posts. I’ll have a couple of video game posts to close out the week. Still working on next week, though. Next Wednesday will be our year-in-review set of links. I’ll probably have a best games of 2012 post next week, too. For today, it’s normal programming. Let’s start with English model Kelly Brook.

A lot of the hate after the Sunny Hook Elementary School Shooting was focused on the NRA and the so-called gun nuts. However, this has allowed the gun companies who make these guns to get away without any criticism or scorn. Maybe it’s time for that to change. (Gawker)

Contrary to some of the excuses people grasp at when tragedies like this occurs, part of the problem of why mass shootings is that easy access to excessively destructive firearms to very much engrained in American culture. (CBC News)

The NRA made a statement yesterday saying they won’t make a statement until Friday. They’ve been extremely silent since the Newtown shooting. (Ad Week) Like the Magary column up top said, maybe we should focus on Big Gun instead.

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Man Lab Showdown: Kelly Brook vs. Rosie Jones

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London officially wrap-up on Sunday. That seemed like an appropriate occasion to use as a theme for this month’s Man Lab Showdown. This time, we have a couple of British models facing-off. In one corner is Kent-born Kelly Brook who is one of the most famous British glamour models and FHM’s 2005 sexiest woman in the world. In the other corner is up-and-coming model Rosie Jones from the small town of Sunbury-on-Thames who was Nuts Magazine’s 2010 sexiest woman.

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Sunday Link-Off: Definitely Not Hipster

I think Jackie had the wrong piece of eye candy from Piranha 3D yesterday. Clearly, he should have gone with Kelly Brook. And that title is a carry forward of the theme of our latest Lowdown BlogCast taping.

Fantasy football drafts are upcoming. Here’s a handy guide for helping you come up with a good team name. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

One of the great sports debates is who is the greatest announcer of all time. Well, there’s finally a list of the greatest announcers in every sports. (Fang’s Bites) If there was a list for the OUA, clearly I’d top it as the only man to call three OUA championship games in a season.

Fans of Pardon the Interruption and people that watch Around the Horn (because I don’t think anyone actually likes that show) know the name Tony Reali. Well, turns out that he’s a bit of a total douche. (Deuce of Davenport)

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Sunday Link-Off: Fortunate Son

In honour of all the Comic Con coverage that we’ve got on the blog this week, here’s Kelly Brook in a Princess Leia bikini. Well, that’s how it was billed.

Sports Illustrated has released their annual list of the fifty highest earning athletes in North America. A familiar face is again on top of the rankings. (SI Fortunate 50)

SI also released a list of the 20 highest athletes that aren’t Americans. Just goes to show you how ridiculous sports has gotten in the western hemisphere. (SI International 20)

On the opposite end of the scale, Sports Pickle found the 7 lowest earning athletes in the sporting world. (SP Unfortunate 7)

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Sunday Link-Off: Not Church Approved

Happy Easter, my fellow heathens! I don’t discriminate so you can have any religious beliefs to enjoy today’s SLO. This post was written by an atheist after all. I wonder if Kelly Brook is an atheist.

Do you want to own a piece of television history? You can buy a royalty cheque sent to Don Mattingly for his work on The Simpsons. Just don’t plan on cashing it. (With Leather)

Coming soon to the Wii: NBA Jam. But it wasn’t always going to be that way. (Kotaku)

Before the regular season kicks off, maybe you should plan which baseball games you want to attend this season. A good planning method is going when all the great promotions are. (Fanhouse)

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