Wednesday Link-Off: The Political Games

barbara-palvin-victoriassecret13-22Boom! Links! Pow! Barbara Palvin! Was that how the intermission promo from Blades of Steel went, right? Anyway, it’s time for the Wednesday links. Let’s get this post started.

Sandy Kohn, who works for Fox News, tried signing up for Obamacare. She figures that a few hours was justifiable to save thousands of dollars a year. (Fox News)

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is too internally divided to figure out how to move forward after seeming to lose the battle of public opinion over the government shut down. (Washington Post)

Senator Mike Duffy told all in the Senate last night. It looks like he wasn’t about burning bridges so much as napalming it with the Harper Government. (CBC News)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Resuming Normal Service

Now that the election is done and most of the analysis filed, we can get back to normal service. So let’s start with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. There’s no particular reason why I’m leading off with her… Except for this whole big thing about Barbara dating Justin Bieber (maybe)… And because the Beliebers are coming here in droves to check out their latest competition for Bieber’s heart. Ha! Scary, delusional lunatics.

It is commonly believed that the people of North Korea are very poorly informed because they’re only fed information from the state control news agency. Even with North Koreans slowly getting the internet and cell phones, the possibility of a massive upheaval is slim. (The Diplomat)

For ESPN, journalism is a thing of the past. It’s a race to the bottom under the tagline “embrace debate.” (Deadspin)

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming “fiscal cliff” but what does it mean? (New York Magazine)

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Man Lab Showdown: Barbara Palvin vs. Lais Ribeiro

For the return from hiatus edition of the Man Lab Showdown, we have a battle between two of Victoria’s Secret’s newest stars. Among the latest new crop of Victoria’s Secret hires, these two seem to have become the most popular. In one corner is Barbara Palvin, a Hungarian newcomer to Victoria’s Secret who has only modelled for them since the start of the year. In the other, Lais Ribeiro from Brazil who has burst onto the scene with two commercials for Victoria’s Secret over the last year. Both are in for a long future in the spotlight as they’re both under 20 years old.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Game Breaker

It’s the Wednesday before a long weekend… Well, a long weekend in Canada, anyway. So I suppose it doesn’t really count since our biggest contingent of visitors is the Americans. Anyway, here’s new Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.

The most controversial man in the media is now on network TV. Here’s a profile of the newest judge on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern. (New York Times)

Remember when Flickr was cool? Well, it was an important website for photos until Yahoo killed it by forcing the corporate mentality upon it. (Gizmodo)

Guess who might be coming to the Toronto Raptors? The Raps are rumoured to be planning a run for Jeremy Lin. It’d be Linsanity 24/7 for Toronto. (Sports Grid) Coincidentally, 24/7 is roughly the price that scalpers can get for Raps tickets: 7 tickets for $24.

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