Wednesday Link-Off: The Actual Story

kim-cloutier-3suisses13-04It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for some links. We’ve been hard at work prepping some E3 preview coverage that will start next week. Between Formula One, IndyCar and E3, it’ll be a busy week on the blog next week. Anyway, let’s start today’s links with the return of Canadian model Kim Cloutier.

Martha Stewart may have gone to prison for insider trading but nowadays insider trading is almost the rule rather than the exception. (New Yorker)

The Rob Ford crack video “is gone” according to the video’s owner. I wonder who bought it to hide it forever… (Gawker)

Rob Ford says that his crack scandal has been good for the city… Because it’s increased tourism interest. I don’t think that making your city a laughing-stock is a good way to increase tourism. (The Atlantic Wire)

Rob Ford has even gotten the attention of Time Magazine. (Time)

Photos of the Oscar Pistorius crime scene were leaked to the media and it’s not a pretty picture. The trial hasn’t started yet but you can’t imagine that leaks like this will expedite matters. (Sky News)

Is she a professional stalker or a professional fan? The NYT looks at the infamous “Stalker” Sarah. (New York Times)

At one point in time, damn well near everyone was on Facebook. Now that Facebook is trying to generate revenue to justify its IPO, users are leaving in a mass exodus. (The Daily Dot)

Apparently people are still racist morons in 2013. (Ad Week)

According to a recent study, eye contact is a dying habit. People are making eye contact less and less in conversations. (Wall Street Journal)

A Canadian company will attempt to find and unearth the legendary Atari ET game burial site. (et geekera)

Looking for books to read this summer? Esquire has a list of books that every man should read. (Esquire)

Did you watch Sunday’s Game of Thrones? There people did and their reactions are awesome. Warning: It’s probably got some spoilers.

Michael Douglas revealed the cause of his throat cancer and the geniuses at NMA have animated one of their greatest videos ever.

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