Wednesday Link-Off: Game Breaker

It’s the Wednesday before a long weekend… Well, a long weekend in Canada, anyway. So I suppose it doesn’t really count since our biggest contingent of visitors is the Americans. Anyway, here’s new Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.

The most controversial man in the media is now on network TV. Here’s a profile of the newest judge on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern. (New York Times)

Remember when Flickr was cool? Well, it was an important website for photos until Yahoo killed it by forcing the corporate mentality upon it. (Gizmodo)

Guess who might be coming to the Toronto Raptors? The Raps are rumoured to be planning a run for Jeremy Lin. It’d be Linsanity 24/7 for Toronto. (Sports Grid) Coincidentally, 24/7 is roughly the price that scalpers can get for Raps tickets: 7 tickets for $24.

After the jump, scads of video game links, Kim Kardashian’s amazing IMDB bio and the art of the instakill.

A look back at what made the great Canadian boxer Arturo Gatti such a great boxer and so beloved by his fans and boxing enthusiasts in general. (The Classical)

This one will be a controversial article. One WSJ sports writer suggests that the Chicago Cubs would be best served by destroying Wrigley Field. I think they shouldn’t stop there. Just blow up the whole damn franchise and start over. (Wall Street Journal)

Have you heard about the Toronto Blue Jays’ latest signing? If you haven’t, it’s understandable. His career has been a complete fabrication. (On Milwaukee)

With fewer and fewer shows lasting beyond their first season, it shows that TV is a vast wasteland of crap ruthless place for newcomers. (New York Times)

Who ever wrote Kim Kardashian’s bio on IMDb is a national treasure. Sadly, IMDb caught onto the great bio but it’s been saved for posterity. (UPROXX)

Love Mass Effect and alcohol? Try out some of these Mass Effect squadmate themed cocktails. Some of them, like the Quad Kicker and the Heat Sink, are kinda scary sounding. (Save Game)

Keeping with Mass Effect, an openly gay games writer discusses playing the Mass Effect trilogy with the game’s emphasis on heterosexual relationships in the first two games and how things changed with the addition of same-sex relationships in ME3. (Kotaku)

Friend of the blog/podcast/ex-radio show, Shane, wrote a piece about how simple, quality gameplay is almost overlooked given the current emphasis on story. (That Video Game Blog)

One intrepid artist compiled his own collection of video game heroes into a sort of video game Avengers. Any team that has the likes of Commander Shepard, Isaac Clarke, Master Chief, Samus and Boba Fett is pretty damn cool. (Unreality)

We’ve already had a bunch of video game links in here today so why not a video game video. It’s a battle of great video game instakills. And, yes, a champion is crowned.

CSI: Miami was cancelled this past weekend by CBS. Let’s remember it’s unexpected and unintended comedy with the show’s all-time greatest scene.

Coach Taylor has something to tell you.

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