Wednesday Link-Off: Tech War

Well, we survived yesterday’s solar flare and narrowly escaped SOPA. That doesn’t mean that the internet isn’t turning into a bit of a battle ground. But we can all agree on Arianny Celeste.

The story of Joe Paterno’s death quickly became more than a story about a man dying. It was more a case study of the modern media and it’s shoot first, ask questions later mentality. (Poynter)

With MegaUpload getting shutdown by the FBI, other file sharing websites are tripping over themselves not to suffer the same fate. But are they signing their own death warrants? (Gizmodo)

TV writer/director/producer Ken Levine shows how it’s much harder to be an actor trying to find steady work than a writer in Hollywood. (By Ken Levine)

After the jump, Ray Hudson’s commentary genius, all about Super PACs and another great Family Feud clip.

Ray Hudson is football commentary genius. There’s no one in this world with quality like that. (Deadspin)

Speaking of legendary footballers, Kevin-Prince Boateng is out with an injury again. His girlfriend knows why: It’s because they have too much sex. (Off The Bench)

NFLers are catching up to something we’ve all long realized: ESPN’s Skip Bayless is a professional troll/douchebag. (Shutdown Corner)

Need more proof that ESPN hates hockey. Over the course of 12 late editions of SportsCenter, hockey had less time dedicated to it in the middle of the season than off-season baseball. (Deadspin)

According to the season finale of her reality show, Kim Kardashian had a rather unique way of figuring out that she should get a divorce. I’m just not sure if it makes her look like an idiot or a con artist. (With Leather)

With things in the GOP presidential nomination race heating up, here’s a look at how those Super PACs with limitless funds to help candidates work. (iPolitics)

RIM has a new but can he do anything to change the direction of a company that he’s been helping to a downward spiral for years. (Engadget)

Earlier, I mentioned that MegaUpload was shut down by the FBI. Well, hacking group Anonymous weren’t too happy so they went on the warpath. (Gizmodo)

One video game award no one is talking about is the most accessible game for disabled games. In case you were wondering, the award went to Star Wars: The Old Republic. (Kotaku)

What happens when Party Rock Anthem is interpreted literally in a video made using MS Paint? Greatness!

Family Feud is the gift that keeps on giving in the Steve Harvey Era. Best host since Dawson. Only Dawson and Harvey episodes would involve schlongs.

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