Wednesday Link-Off: Reframing the Discussion

kelly-brook-newlook12-25‘Twas middle of the week before Christmas and all through HQ,
not a blogger was blogging. Not even… using undo?

Okay, I’m never going to make it as a poet. Maybe I’ll just stick to the links for today. Don’t worry, though. We’re still busy plugging away on posts. I’ll have a couple of video game posts to close out the week. Still working on next week, though. Next Wednesday will be our year-in-review set of links. I’ll probably have a best games of 2012 post next week, too. For today, it’s normal programming. Let’s start with English model Kelly Brook.

A lot of the hate after the Sunny Hook Elementary School Shooting was focused on the NRA and the so-called gun nuts. However, this has allowed the gun companies who make these guns to get away without any criticism or scorn. Maybe it’s time for that to change. (Gawker)

Contrary to some of the excuses people grasp at when tragedies like this occurs, part of the problem of why mass shootings is that easy access to excessively destructive firearms to very much engrained in American culture. (CBC News)

The NRA made a statement yesterday saying they won’t make a statement until Friday. They’ve been extremely silent since the Newtown shooting. (Ad Week) Like the Magary column up top said, maybe we should focus on Big Gun instead.

After the jump, the lack of connection between video games and gun violence, the story behind the fake Mass Effect 4 interview and an NBA Christmas album.

Without fail, pro-gun nuts and negligent parents blame for gun violence is video games. However, there is no correlation between spending on video games and gun violence. In fact, America is a massive outlier in the gun violence equation. (Washington Post)

That’s not to say that video games aren’t excessively violent. Blaming games like Halo for something like the Newtown shooting shows a lack of knowledge about the subject matter and negligence when furthering that position without research. (Forbes Games) When it comes to blaming video games, if someone can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction, they can become a danger to everyone. That’s a mental health issue rather than a reason for video game censorship. Mind you, Spielberg once said that it seemed like Ronald Reagan thought ET was real rather than fiction and Republicans thought he was a pretty good President.

After China got duped into thinking Kim Jong-un was the sexiest man alive, North Korea’s state media incorrectly reported that Kim was Time’s person of the year. They probably missed the part where 4chan trolled the crap out of everyone. (Wall Street Journal)

How do you get a movie review reach over one million hits? Luck into having fringe right-wing news blog The Drudge report link to it by using the n-word repeatedly as a title. (Fishbowl LA)

BlackBerry 10 screenshots have been leaked and it doesn’t look half-bad. RIM might just save itself. (CrackBerry)

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Instagram shit storm over a new set of Terms of Service allowing them to sell your photos without your permission. If you need a quick refresher, catch it here. (Forbes Tech)

Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber thinks that the Stanley Cup should be awarded to Canada’s best beer league team if the NHL doesn’t sort out its lockout problems. I think he’s on to something here. (Brent Rathgeber, MP)

The story of Abner Ravenwood’s journal from Raiders of the Lost Ark arriving at the University of Chicago has the worst possible ending. It wasn’t a cool application or a viral ad campaign but an odd coincidence. (Film Drunk)

As we feel obligated to do because of his pure awesomeness, here’s a profile of Bill fucking Murray. (GQ)

After the great indie games of 2012, it has to be asked if the popularity of smaller developers and the quality of games they’re consistently put out will be a trend going forward. (Hack College)

The developers of Sim City held a Reddit AMA. It went well right until the point when they answered a question about their always-online DRM. (Gamma Squad) You’d think that developers would learn about how well this would go over after the massive Diablo 3 launch failure. I can understand why DRM is there but somebody has to think of a better way. At the end of the day, if you download a pirated copy of Sim City, which is likely to be available less than 12 hours of launch, you can play it whenever and where ever you want and people spending $60 will be shit out of luck if they can’t get on the internet.

A Mass Effect 4 interview with BioWare on GamerSyndrome turned out to be a fake. The writer behind the fake interview explained why he did it. (Kotaku) Not to act all superior because I didn’t write about it or link to it but I thought it was odd that Dragon Age 3 would be rumoured to be pushed back to Q4 2014 and have ME4’s release window at the same time. If it wasn’t for that DA3 rumour the week before the interview, I definitely would have bought this interview as legit.

If only The Basketball Jones’ NBA Christmas album was real. I would buy the shit out of that. Yes, I actually just wrote that.

The legend Larry Merchant called his last fight for HBO this weekend. Here’s HBO’s retrospective on his career. Yes, that Mayweather moment is in there. I wish Larry would kick his ass.

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