Wednesday Link-Off: TV Timeout

Just so you know I haven’t forgotten our trademark set of early set of SI Swimsuit issue cover odds, here’s Chrissy Teigen. She’s definitely one of the 2013 front-runners.

The Simpsons just aired their 500th episode. They’ve been on air since 1989 but didn’t make a ratings splash until the famous 1992 episode called “Homer At The Bat.” Here’s the story behind the episode that gave Fox their first ratings win. (Deadspin)

With the NHL Trade Deadline next week, there’s an easy way to make yourself an NHL insider. Just follow the E.K.L.U.N.D. system. (On The Forecheck)

It’s only been a month since Versus switched to NBC Sports Network but so far the ratings are fairly abysmal. (Sports Business Journal)

After the jump, more sports TV news, why the Oscars will be wrong and selling a university in Australia is a snap.

Bruce Dowbiggin seems to think that the Blue Jays cut Rogers Sportsnet a favourable deal on their TV deal but he doesn’t take into account any facts when making that argument. (Getting Blanked)

ESPN anchor Max Bretos was suspended for a month for bad timing. Good to see that ESPN can be extremely unreasonable when trying to be overly sensitive. (The Big Lead)

What’s the biggest wrestling show in the world right now? If you said Monday Night Raw, you’d be wrong. It’s actually India’s Ring Ka King. (GQ)

What’s harder for Olympic gold medalist swimmer Garrett Weber: Winning Olympic gold or working in the kitchen at the world’s #1 restaurant, Noma? (Bon Appetit)

Or if you prefer your cooks to be supermodels, you could read up on model come TV chef Chrissy Teigen. (Stylecaster)

The Oscars are this weekend. Do you know why your choice isn’t going to win? The Academy is made up of a group of mostly old, white men who are out of touch of society. (Film Drunk)

Two things: 1) Community is back Thursday, March 15, at 8:00 PM. And 2) Inspector Spacetime is getting his own webseries. (The Mary Sue)

Do you know how Facebook filters content? It’s not automatically done but rather by cheap labour. (Gawker)

And on that note, here are some terrifying user agreements you’ve agreed to, including Facebook’s. (Cracked)

Today’s photo gallery is what your family would be if they were TV channels. (College Humor)

What would Goldeneye 64 look like if it was done with life-like graphics? It would look good and it would still be frustrating.

How does Australia sell universities? With SFX magic tricks and murder.

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