Entertainment Link-Off: Op-Ed

berenice-marlohe-omega12-07Once again, I draw in for Jackie for the entertainment links. Unfortunately, this weekend is a complete wasteland. Nothing noteworthy is opening this weekend. Okay, there’s that Killing Them Softly movie starring Brad Pitt which critics like and movie goers are lukewarm on. Since I don’t think she’s been featured in a set of the entertainment links, here’s Bond girl Berenice Marlohe.

Chris Brown isn’t the scum of the earth because he’s famous for making bad music. It’s because he’s an unapologetic misogynist and woman beater who has never showed any sign of changing. When comedy writer Jenny Johnson called him out on it, he went overboard in his response. (Huffington Post)

Almost as bad as Brown are the members of Team Breezy who blindly support a person who is by all rational accounts a terrible human being. They took to Twitter to make death threats against Johnson because Brown deleted his Twitter. (Billboard)

I won’t tell you that you’re a bad person because you like his music. I will point out that he is a misogynist who has beaten women and has an anger management problem. Blind fanaticism like that demonstrated by most members of Team Breezy is just sad. Beating women is wrong. Hating and disrespecting women is wrong.

Chris Brown sees nothing wrong with that. Many of his fans don’t have a problem with that and think that only the abuser and abused should be allowed to have an opinion about violence against women. These are people who require professional help. There is little lower than beating a defenceless woman. Saying that there’s nothing wrong with Chris Brown beating Rihanna because she’s back with him isn’t better. Research shows that many abused women become trapped in abusive relationships because they intentionally ignore his “negative” attributes until it’s too late. We all need to work together to prevent and end violence against women.

Before she was arrested again, Lindsay Lohan made her return to acting in Lifetime’s Liz and Dick. If you missed it, you missed why she isn’t a Hollywood A-lister any more. (Vulture)

Justin Bieber frequently mentions he’s Canadian but have you ever paid attention to when he does it? He usually brings up his nationality as an excuse for awkward or embarrassing behaviour and situations. (MacLean’s)

The “Half” in Two and a Half Men has followed in Charlie Sheen’s footsteps by slamming the show as filth and saying we should stop watching it. He’s not wrong. (TV Line) You know, Chuck Lorre, there’s an old saying: Fool me one, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It looks like you’ve been fooled twice. Time to call it a day on 2.5 Men.

Of course, Angus T. Jones isn’t the only TV star to badmouth a famous role. (Mental Floss)

Speaking of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen made news by helping Lindsay Lohan pay her outstanding tax bill. (New York Daily News) Before you get on me for the double standard about Charlie Sheen’s abuse history, keep in mind that Sheen has gone to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse issues that are at least tangentially related to his violent outbursts. He’s also gone to anger management sessions. He’s not perfect but he has at least attempted corrective action. There has been no such acknowledgement of a problem or an attempted solution by Brown.

Ahead of this weekend’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, David Morrissey talks about his character. Sadly, he doesn’t talk about how The Doctor would deal with him. (Vulture)

One of the greatest movies of all-time is Casablanca but how many Hollywood agencies would know the script if you changed a few small details? One man performed an experiment to determine the answer some thirty years ago. (TV Week)

For a few short minutes, Andrew WK was an American cultural ambassador. After that became news, the State Department quickly realized that was probably a dumb idea. (DCist)

I know that this space is typically a video game free zone. It’s also usually an op-ed free zone but I changed that today. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this interview with the writer of Half-Life. (New Rising Media)

Keeping with long reads, here’s a look at Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. (LA Weekly)

Now that Season 2 is in the books, Team Coco put together their Conan supercut.

Bill O’Reilly and his guest don’t understand the popularity of Gangnam Style. Unable to understand that it’s just plain fun, they try to rationalize thinks by saying racist and moronic things.


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