Entertainment Link-Off: Op-Ed

berenice-marlohe-omega12-07Once again, I draw in for Jackie for the entertainment links. Unfortunately, this weekend is a complete wasteland. Nothing noteworthy is opening this weekend. Okay, there’s that Killing Them Softly movie starring Brad Pitt which critics like and movie goers are lukewarm on. Since I don’t think she’s been featured in a set of the entertainment links, here’s Bond girl Berenice Marlohe. Continue reading

Charlie Sheen Interviewed On Piers Morgan Tonight

Let’s wrap up our day of winning on The Lowdown Blog with one more feature-length Charlie Sheen interview. This morning, we had Charlie’s interview with Howard Stern. The night before that, he had his first live interview on TV with Piers Morgan. It’s quite a bit more serious than the Stern interview that covers Two and a Half Men, drugs, Charlie’s party lifestyle, his potential status as a role model and more.

After the jump, we have the full 48-minute interview. Continue reading

Charlie Sheen Interviewed On The Howard Stern Show

Charlie Sheen has been making the rounds as of late. He’s been on The Dan Patrick Show, The Today Show, 20/20 and Piers Morgan Tonight. But his best interview, by far, was Tuesday’s interview on The Howard Stern Show. They talked about Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre, sex, Charlie’s women, porn stars, his family and winning.

After the jump, we have the full 45-minute interview. Continue reading