Sunday Link-Off: Common Sense Prevailing

andi-muise-fredericks13-07It’s the last link-off of the Google Reader era. What am I going to do without it? I basically rely on it to help run my blogging pseudo-empire. Well, I’m boned. In the meantime, here’s our pre-Canada Day linkdump. We have our usual Canada Day fare tomorrow with the F1 recap and analysis on Tuesday.

So let’s start off our day before Canada Day post with Canadian model Andi Muise.

Texas governor Rick Perry is just the worst. He thinks filibustering god Wendy Davis should support a near ban on abortions in Texas because she was a teenage mother. What a fool. (Think Progress)

Rather than allow general trolling, two major newspapers used a new commenting system  to categorize the people commenting on stories about gay marriage. (Nieman Lab)

Pandora might be great for us as music lovers but it doesn’t pay to have your music on there. (The Trichordist)

Remember that lookalike that some folks thought was in the Rob Ford crack video. Well, there’s one lookalike that doesn’t look close to Rob Ford. So that theory is a non-starter. (National Post)

The New Yorker had a pretty sweet cover to celebrate the defeat of DOMA. (Hypervocal)

With Fox Sports 1 about a month and a half away from launching, what does ESPN boss John Skipper plan to do to combat a pretty serious competitor. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Speaking of ESPN boss John Skipper, do you want to know how much ESPN execs make? Deadspin found out for you. (Deadspin)

George “The Animal” Steele has a new book out. In one part, he talks about dealing with Randy Savage when Miss Elizabeth got involved in their feud. (The Post Game)

Did you know that the famous Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell match happened 15 years and two days ago? (Deadspin)

If you’re at this weekend’s 24 Hours of Lemons in California, you’ll see The Homer from The Simpsons. (With Leather)

Paula Deen’s racism has lost her sponsors and her TV deal but everything with her name on it is selling like hotcakes… Probably to other racists. Oh, and Glenn Beck publicly supports Paula Deen because of course he would. (AV Club)

Aziz Ansari is doing some next level work to improve his stand-up. He’s using advanced analytics to make his comedy funnier. (BeatBeat)

What’s the most influential movie of the last 25 years? That would be Die Hard. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! (Esquire)

You’d think bagpipes couldn’t be badass but this guy is playing Thunderstruck on a bagpipe that shoots flames.

Just for fun, have this Billy Mays tribute.

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