One Week Left in Our Drive to Feed The Hungry on

At the beginning of the month, we announced our drive to help feed the hungry through the United Nations World Food Programme. With one week until Christmas, we’re reaching out once again for your support to help feed the hungry. We don’t need your money, just your time.

All you have to do is login or sign up to, join Team and start answering trivia questions. Each correct answer earns 10 grains of rice to be donated to the World Food Programme.

BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Retaliation Multiplayer DLC

Fresh off the release of today’s Mass Effect 3 v1.04 patch, BioWare announced the long-rumoured Retaliation DLC for ME3’s multiplayer. While BioWare is a little short on specifics of what is being added, we know that the Collectors (the antagonists from Mass Effect 2) are being added as an enemy faction. Several maps will see environmental hazards for the players to deal with. The DLC will also add achievement-like “challenges” which allow the player to unlock special rewards. As per usual with MP DLCs, new characters, weapons and gear are being added. A more detailed run down is available at the BioWare Blog.

Between the patch and the DLC, BioWare is making one last big play to revive a slowly dying multiplayer community. The buzz online makes it sound like the community is almost as excited as they were at launch.

The DLC is free and drops on Tuesday, October 9th.

U of T Engineering Exam Interrupted By Flash Mob

Skule Nite is a famous musical/comedy revue group comprised on engineering students at the University of Toronto. Recently, they interrupted a first year engineering exam with a rap about the hardships of being an engineering student. The video has taken off on YouTube but hasn’t made the rounds on the blogosphere yet. I think it’s a matter of time.

The Bear and the Gang – Episode 2 – Date Night

It’s episode two of the Boston Bruins’ webseries The Bear And The Gang. The Bear has a date night with one of the Bruin’s Ice Girls but it doesn’t go to plan. Also starring Claude Julien and Ice Girl Holly.

The Bear and the Gang – Episode 1 – Video Games

It’s Episode One of the hotly anticipated Boston Bruins’ webseries The Bear And The Gang. In this episode, The Bear does battle with Brad Marchand in some video game hockey. Also starring Rene Rancourt and Jack Edwards.

Calgary Flames’ Twitter Account Doesn’t Think Much Of Hemsky

The Calgary Flames official twitter account (@NHLFlames) thinks 2 years at $5 million per season for Ales Hemsky is a bit too big a contract.


Jerome Simpson Wins Week 16

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson makes the highlight of all highlight reel plays that you’ll see this week in the NFL. He finishes this 19-yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton with a front flip over Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington for the major.

Not News: November 2, 2011

A man caught having sex with a donkey told a court in Zimbabwe the animal was actually a prostitute who turned into a donkey. The man was found performing a sex act on a donkey who was lying next to a tree and used the transformation defence when brought to court. He also claimed that he was also a donkey because he was madly in love with the prostitute come donkey. If Zimbabwe is an “innocent until proven guilty” society, the prosecution will have a hell of a time disproving that defence.

Not News: October 31, 2011

Playboy isn’t the only company with a rumoured $1 million offer on the table to Lindsay Lohan. The makers of the Fleshlight, the #1 male sex toy, have offered Lohan $1 million to make a mold of her vagina for use in a Lohan version. There are already Fleshlights modeled on porn stars Jesse Jane and Lisa Ann. Lohan’s reps say she won’t accept the offer but they accepted Playboy’s offer to do a full-frontal spread on the condition that the pictures would be tasteful. In other words, expect a Lohan Fleshlight when her money runs out.