The Watches of Bond (Infographic)

When you think of James Bond, 007, Royal Navy Commander, Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Licence to Kill, you usually think of the cars or the suits or the beverages or the women or the gadgets from Q branch. You don’t think about what Bond wore on his wrist. However, Bond’s watches said just as much about him as his cars and toys.

To learn a but more about Britain’s most famous secret agent, we have a handy infographic for you perusal.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Resuming Normal Service

Now that the election is done and most of the analysis filed, we can get back to normal service. So let’s start with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. There’s no particular reason why I’m leading off with her… Except for this whole big thing about Barbara dating Justin Bieber (maybe)… And because the Beliebers are coming here in droves to check out their latest competition for Bieber’s heart. Ha! Scary, delusional lunatics.

It is commonly believed that the people of North Korea are very poorly informed because they’re only fed information from the state control news agency. Even with North Koreans slowly getting the internet and cell phones, the possibility of a massive upheaval is slim. (The Diplomat)

For ESPN, journalism is a thing of the past. It’s a race to the bottom under the tagline “embrace debate.” (Deadspin)

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming “fiscal cliff” but what does it mean? (New York Magazine)

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Fifty Years of James Bond: The Movie

An intrepid James Bond fan has put together a pretty cool mash-up/compilation of the last 50 years of Eon Productions’ James Bond movies. He’s created a two-hour long video with five-minute long segments from each movie put together in sequence of when the movie was released.

The video’s description says:

Approximately five minutes from each of the 22 Eon produced James Bond films have been cut together, in order and in sequence, beginning with the first five minutes of DR. NO (1962) followed by minutes 5-10 of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963), minutes 10-15 of GOLDFINGER (1964), minutes 15-20 of THUNDERBALL (1965), continuing on through each of the remaining 18 Bond features (accounting for variables in each title’s running time) culminating with the final five minutes of 2008’s QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

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The History of 007 (Infographic)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we’re big fans of James Bond around here. Maybe it was our definitive list of Bond themes or Bond girl themed Man Lab Showdown or the detailed Bond girl infographic. Today, we have one last Bond post for today’s premiere of Skyfall. It’s a timeline and history of James Bond movies, cars, guns, actors and box office numbers for the last fifty years. Continue reading

Man Lab Showdown: Berenice Marlohe vs. Olga Kurylenko

With the premiere of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, tomorrow, I thought it was fitting that this month’s Man Lab Showdown was a battle of Bond Girls. In one corner is French actress Berenice Marlohe who stars in Skyfall as Sévérine. In the other is Ukranian actress Olga Kurylenko who played Camille in 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

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James Bond’s Love Life (Infographic)

James Bond’s daily routine is much better than yours. He gets cool gadgets from Q, saves the world from villains hell-bent on world domination and gets the girl. If you’re not Daniel Craig, it’s actually “gets the girls.” Over the last 50 years and 22 movies, Bond has slept with 53 women about 75 times.

With Skyfall premiering Friday in North America, now is a good time to check out this infographic about the famous Bond girls. Continue reading

The Top Ten James Bond Theme Songs (Updated For Skyfall)

Some three years ago, I put together a list of the ten best James Bond movie theme songs. With the release of Skyfall next week and a very good theme song by Adele, people have been talking about what the best Bond themes are and where Skyfall would land on that list. So here’s our officially unofficial list of the best Bond themes of all-time. Continue reading

Bond 24 Rumour: Never Say Never Say Never Again

The 23rd James Bond movie isn’t premiering in theatres for another seven months but the 24th movie in the famed film franchise has already been written and principal photography is set to begin in the upcoming months. The current working title of the film is “Never Say Never Say Never Again.” Continue reading

The Humanoids: Bright Lights, Bigger City

As I’m wont to do when I get to travel to the centre of the universe, occasionally also referred to as Toronto, today’s column focuses on the small town perspective of the big city. I don’t really get to Toronto very often but I find it such a fascinating place to go. It’s so different from what I’m used to in my daily routine that it really can be a bit of a shock. After all, I come from a town where public transit consists of bus routes where you see the bus once an hour. Toronto has buses, subways, GO trains and streetcars. The big city certainly is a strange place. Continue reading

Top Five James Bond Video Game Theme Songs

The recent release of the new GoldenEye 007 game by Activision also brought us a new take on the GoldenEye theme originally sung by Tina Turner. For the game, it’s sung by Nicole Scherzinger. But the new GoldenEye game isn’t the only Bond game that got an exclusive theme song. As with every other Bond theme, there’s debate as to which theme is the best. So here’s our rankings of the best James Bond video game themes. Continue reading