Wednesday Link-Off: Resuming Normal Service

Now that the election is done and most of the analysis filed, we can get back to normal service. So let’s start with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. There’s no particular reason why I’m leading off with her… Except for this whole big thing about Barbara dating Justin Bieber (maybe)… And because the Beliebers are coming here in droves to check out their latest competition for Bieber’s heart. Ha! Scary, delusional lunatics.

It is commonly believed that the people of North Korea are very poorly informed because they’re only fed information from the state control news agency. Even with North Koreans slowly getting the internet and cell phones, the possibility of a massive upheaval is slim. (The Diplomat)

For ESPN, journalism is a thing of the past. It’s a race to the bottom under the tagline “embrace debate.” (Deadspin)

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming “fiscal cliff” but what does it mean? (New York Magazine)

After the jump, Donald Trump continues to make friends, an in-depth look at the Montreal Screwjob and an early look at the Circuit of the Americas.

Donald Trump’s political views haven’t exactly increased his popularity. In fact, his calls for a revolution have prompted people to start a petition to get Macy’s to drop their endorsement of Trump and to stop selling his clothing line. (Think Progress)

In addition to pissing off Macy’s customers, Trump’s claims about his Scottish golf course have offended the locals. (With Leather)

Business Week thought it would be a good idea to rank colleges based on the physical attractiveness of the female students. This went over about as well as expected. (The Daily Dot)

A journalism student at SUNY Oswego was suspended and thrown out of his dorm room for doing research on his class assignment. Freedom of the press? Not at Oswego. (Gawker)

Did you know that last Friday was the 15th anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob? Here’s a recap of the most infamous moment in wrestling history. (Camel Clutch Blog)

You might have seen a small NASCAR kerfuffle during last Sunday’s race. IndyCar driver Alex Lloyd explains the art of the post-race fight. (Jalopnik)

We all get so caught up in which actor was the best James Bond that we seldom compare movie Bond to Fleming’s literary Bond. (The Daily Beast)

How did they blow up a car in Skyfall without CGI? Using a 3D printed miniature car. (3ders – Possible spoilers)

Did you pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for PC yesterday? You may have gotten half of COD:BLOPS2 and half of ME2. Sixty dollars, two discs, zero games. (Kotaku)

All is not lost if you’re quick on the draw. BioWare’s PR have capitalized by giving a free copy of the Mass Effect Trilogy to the first 50 people who send photographic proof of their faulty COD:BLOPS2 disc. (BioWare Blog)

Speaking of game discs, the Wii U’s disc is fairly unique. (Engadget)

While there’s room for interpretation, it seems as though Ubisoft has said that the Assassin’s Creed movie will be out next year. There’s no way this goes well. (VG24/7)

This weekend marks the first F1 race at the Circuit of the Americas. Learn the track with Mario Andretti’s honorary first lap of the track.

What happens when a baby engages in an epic martial arts battle with his stuffed dragon?

And, finally, the greatest interview in TV history. A woman claims that her toaster is possessed by the devil.


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