Top Five James Bond Video Game Theme Songs

The recent release of the new GoldenEye 007 game by Activision also brought us a new take on the GoldenEye theme originally sung by Tina Turner. For the game, it’s sung by Nicole Scherzinger. But the new GoldenEye game isn’t the only Bond game that got an exclusive theme song. As with every other Bond theme, there’s debate as to which theme is the best. So here’s our rankings of the best James Bond video game themes.

5. Joss Stone – I’ll Take It All (Blood Stone)

Well, the first thing you’re likely to notice from the song and video is that they tried to carbon copy You Know My Name from Casino Royale. Not a bad choice considering the other Craig-era option was Quantum of Solace. The problem here isn’t the song. I think I would have been better than Another Way to Die for Quantum. My problem is the choice of Joss Stone. She just doesn’t seem to jive with the song and it takes it down the list. Another singer and I think we have something closer to the top of the list.

4. Esthero – Nearly Civilized (Nightfire)

Esthero’s song here reminds me of Garbage’s The World Is Not Enough. Well, a low-rent version of The World Is Not Enough. This song never really seems to find its identity along the way as it bounces from rock to pop and dance. I guess that makes this a microcosm of the whole Brosnan-era of films. All in all, an uninspired effort but at least they picked the right singer (who is Canadian, by the way.)

3. Kerli – When Nobody Loves You (Quantum of Solace)

Somebody send this song to Jack White and Alicia Keys so they know what they should have done with their theme. Okay, it’s not movie worthy by any stretch of the imagination. The repeated use of the Bond theme as part of the backing music would make it stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of the Bond movie theme. As a video game, theme it holds up very well compared to the rest. And unlike the other video game theme for a movie-based game, this one is far better than the movie theme.

2. Mya – Everything or Nothing

The song was apparently influenced by Madonna’s Die Another Day theme. Seeing as it’s an electronic/dance song, I can understand the comparison. The thing is that Everything or Nothing wasn’t such a bad song that the producers were forced to reboot the whole damn franchise. My main gripe with this theme is that it seems to bounce between sounding like a Bond theme and sounding like a generic pop song. Everybody wants a Bond theme to be this great song that lives up to the legend of Goldfinger. But given the other video game and Brosnan-era themes that you can compare Everything or Nothing to, this is a pretty good little theme.

1. Nicole Scherzinger – GoldenEye

Okay, this was an actual Bond movie theme. The difference between the game theme and the movie theme is that Tina Turner has been swapped for Nicole Scherzinger. Before I heard this, I would never have accused Scherzinger of being anything more than a dancer. She doesn’t handle herself too badly, though I don’t think it’s as good as Turner’s original. However, given the less orchestral, more electronic type of song they have here, Scherzinger fits well enough that this song tops the list.

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