Top Five James Bond Video Game Theme Songs

The recent release of the new GoldenEye 007 game by Activision also brought us a new take on the GoldenEye theme originally sung by Tina Turner. For the game, it’s sung by Nicole Scherzinger. But the new GoldenEye game isn’t the only Bond game that got an exclusive theme song. As with every other Bond theme, there’s debate as to which theme is the best. So here’s our rankings of the best James Bond video game themes. Continue reading


Sunday Link-Off: Double Duty

I’m sure you figured it out but on double duty this weekend. Kicking off today’s linkdump¬†is Strictly Come Sequins champ Nicole Scherzinger. She has more talent doing this than singing or dancing.

So the Lakers won the NBA championship. As Tim Donaghy explains, the league probably had a hand in the outcome. (Deadspin)

Back-to-back draws hasn’t soured the people of England. They’re still going all out to support their Three Lions. (The Spoiler)

A while back, I posted a link to promotion posters for each of the 32 World Cup teams. Well, what if instead of posters to promote team, they used edgy slogans. (Seth Curry Saves Duke)

After the link, Green makes the save, I Can Has an online empire, and people who you hate to watch sports with. Continue reading