The Humanoids: Bright Lights, Bigger City

As I’m wont to do when I get to travel to the centre of the universe, occasionally also referred to as Toronto, today’s column focuses on the small town perspective of the big city. I don’t really get to Toronto very often but I find it such a fascinating place to go. It’s so different from what I’m used to in my daily routine that it really can be a bit of a shock. After all, I come from a town where public transit consists of bus routes where you see the bus once an hour. Toronto has buses, subways, GO trains and streetcars. The big city certainly is a strange place. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Vampire Weekend

Steve is off living the good life in the city this weekend, so it’s Jackie here covering for the Sunday Link-Off. Kicking off this entry is Maggie Q, who’s starring in the sci-fi vampire flick Priest alongside Paul Bettany. Better yet, you can also catch her on the CW’s Nikita… which is a surprisingly good show.

After the jump, a Blue Jays jersey that’s sending the wrong message, Stephen Harper wants to control the internet, people still want to sleep with Jessica Alba and Johnny Depp, the top 10 least stressful jobs revealed and watch Samuel L. Jackson play Black Ops. Continue reading

The Humanoids: From Downtown T.O.

This week’s abbreviated edition of The Humanoids is all about Toronto. I spent this week in the self-appointed Centre of the Universe and learned a few things about the town while I was down there. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t really hate Toronto. I only hate what it stands for… And I greatly dislike spending extended periods of time there. Continue reading