The History of 007 (Infographic)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we’re big fans of James Bond around here. Maybe it was our definitive list of Bond themes or Bond girl themed Man Lab Showdown or the detailed Bond girl infographic. Today, we have one last Bond post for today’s premiere of Skyfall. It’s a timeline and history of James Bond movies, cars, guns, actors and box office numbers for the last fifty years. Continue reading

Bond 24 Rumour: Never Say Never Say Never Again

The 23rd James Bond movie isn’t premiering in theatres for another seven months but the 24th movie in the famed film franchise has already been written and principal photography is set to begin in the upcoming months. The current working title of the film is “Never Say Never Say Never Again.” Continue reading

Top Five James Bond Video Game Theme Songs

The recent release of the new GoldenEye 007 game by Activision also brought us a new take on the GoldenEye theme originally sung by Tina Turner. For the game, it’s sung by Nicole Scherzinger. But the new GoldenEye game isn’t the only Bond game that got an exclusive theme song. As with every other Bond theme, there’s debate as to which theme is the best. So here’s our rankings of the best James Bond video game themes. Continue reading