2015 Hottest Canadian: Prairies Region – First Round

We’ve reached the final day of the first round of the 2015 Hottest Canadian bracket showdown. The final region is filled with rookies as four of the eight women in this bracket make their first appearance. It’s probably worth noting as well that the Prairies and Shield regions will close the polls on Monday. The Arctic and Maritime regions close a day earlier on Sunday. The day after those polls close, we’ll start the Sweet Sixteen round.

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The Most Popular Beers in the World (Infographic)

If you’re a long-time fan of The Lowdown, you know that one of our favourite things is alcohol. That’s why we have so many alcohol-themed posts on the blog and drinking jokes on the podcast. So when I saw this look at what the most popular beers in the world in each country are, I knew that I had to post it on the blog and post it two days after St. Patrick’s Day. I kind of dropped the ball on that one. But it’s still a cool infographic and you might learn something about your country’s drinking habits. I certainly was surprised with Canada’s results.

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2015 Hottest Canadian: Shield Region – First Round

Much like the Maritime Region of the bracket, the Shield Region of the 2015 Hottest Canadian bracket has some heavy hitters. Like yesterday’s region, the Shield Region’s top four seeds all went to the last Elite Eight. Unlike the Maritime Region, three of those women went on to the Final Four. We didn’t plan it out that way when we did the brackets but these last two regions sure did turn out to have some fun storylines.

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2015 Hottest Canadian: Maritime Region – First Round

If yesterday’s launch of the Arctic Region’s first round was a bit light on big names, we completely overcorrect with the Maritime Region. Not only is defending champion Kristin Kreuk in this part of the bracket, each of this region’s top four seeds were in the 2012 Elite Eight. So if the Arctic Region is the Comeback Region, this one is the Region of Death.

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2015 Hottest Canadian: Arctic Region – First Round

As promised, it’s time to kick things off with the first day of the first round of The Lowdown’s second Hottest Canadian bracket showdown. It doesn’t sound quite as impressive when we put it that way. Anyway, over the next week, the polls will open region by region to determine who will make it to the Sweet Sixteen. The first bracket features only one woman who made to the Sweet Sixteen in the first tournament so I guess you could call this the comeback region of the bracket.

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2015 Hottest Canadian Bracket Preview

Sometimes, an idea is so good and so unique that we have to do it again… after a three-year hiatus. For the first time since the initial event, it’s time for the second ever Hottest Canadian Bracket Challenge. This is the first, and therefore best, public poll/bracket to determine who is the hottest Canadian woman in the world.

After the jump, we have the bracket and the list of the first round match-ups.

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The What and How of Brewing Booze (Infographic)

As much as we all love booze, how many of us think about what actually goes into making your favourite poison. Sure, we’ve probably gone on brewery and wine tours and learned the very vague basics of what goes in and how beer and wine comes out but there’s so much more to booze than those two.

That’s why we have a special treat of an infographic for you. It’s a look at what goes into making over 50 types of alcoholic beverages and how they’re made.

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