2015 Hottest Canadian: Arctic Region – First Round

As promised, it’s time to kick things off with the first day of the first round of The Lowdown’s second Hottest Canadian bracket showdown. It doesn’t sound quite as impressive when we put it that way. Anyway, over the next week, the polls will open region by region to determine who will make it to the Sweet Sixteen. The first bracket features only one woman who made to the Sweet Sixteen in the first tournament so I guess you could call this the comeback region of the bracket.

#1 Danielle Knudson vs. #8 Anna Paquin


#2 Kate Bock vs. #7 Shay Mitchell


#3 Jessica Lowndes vs. #6 Jessica Pare


#4 Cobie Smulders vs. #5 Serinda Swan


Other first-round polls:
Maritime Region
Shield Region
Prairies Region


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