Wednesday Link-Off: General Oddities

06_maria-sharapova_21Starting on Sunday, we’re adding a third link-off to the weekly lineup. Imaginitively, we’re thinking of calling it “Sunday Link-Off”. But first, this is Maria Sharapova who was sadly bumped from the French Open. After the jump, the coolest mayor in the world.

Teenagers are using hugs as a greeting. Naturally, parents are worried that these are public displays of affection and will lead to groping and other lewd behaviour. (New York Times) As an aside, I always found hugging to be an odd greeting. Will I turn one down? No, but I’m fond of the sharp nod and/or a quick twitch of the eyebrows as a greeting.

In honour of the Stanley Cup Finals, here are the top ten stories involving the grandest prize of them all. (Real Clear Sports)

For just over €7500, you can own your very own F1 race car. (F1 Fanatic) Some assembly required. Does not include engine, cooling unit, fuel tank, wheels, tires, electronics, or suspension. But it’s still a good deal.

I’ll take irony for 200: A Canadian think tank that was looking into changing Canadian copyright laws has withdrawn its reports on intellectual property. It turns out that they plagerised parts of their report from an American lobby group. (Globe & Mail)

They’re brothers from other mothers and (apparently) different political parties. Or at least that’s what Dubya called Bill Clinton when the two were together in Canada. (Yahoo/AP)

Silvio Berlusconi, your favourite world leader, is up to some of his old tricks. Now he’s promising cruises and sea-side vacations for those left homeless by last month’s Italian earthquake. (FOX News)

A word to soccer fans in Nigeria: It’s not worth cheering for any team. A Nigerian Manchester United fan ran down and killed four Barcelona fans after the game of the century. (BBC)

The war on Scientology has a new ally: Wikipedia. (The Register)

Sergio Garcia has been voted prom queen. Not that Sergio Garcia, an L.A. high school student of the same name. (InGameNow)

We’ve all (or most of us) seen the McCafe ads on TV. Well, it turns out that McDonald’s grand plan involves more than fancy coffees designed to destroy Starbucks. It involves whole chain of McCafe coffee shops to destroy Starbucks. (Daily Telegraph)

Just because he’s in full riot gear doesn’t mean this Roman police officer didn’t have a good time after the Champions League final. (Deadspin)

The latest in Microsoft’s series of epic failures is their new search engine, Bing. You’ll love the story behind the name. Talk about trying too hard. (New York Times)

Wait, here’s another one. In what will likely be the most controversial game ever, an ex-Guantanamo Bay is helping to develop a game based on the prison camp. Bad news for Microsoft is that it’s being developed exclusively for the XBox 360 and Windows. (Kotaku)

If you’re really into getting as much NHL Draft coverage as humanly possible, Eric Smith at Hockeybuzz has you covered. He has some of the results from the draft combine. (HockeyBuzz)

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