F1 Japanese Grand Prix: Better Lucky than Good

When you make a mistake or get caught up by someone else’s mistake, skill doesn’t really play a deciding factor in getting you through the field. Rather, it’s about the pace of your car relative to the competition and how much luck falls your way. So after complaining about luck in Malaysia, it all fell Lewis Hamilton’s way.

No, he didn’t win the race. That honour went to Nico Rosberg who dominated the entire weekend. Hamilton finished in 3rd which was the best he could have expected after an appalling start.

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F1 British Grand Prix: Not the Destination but the Journey

f1-2015-britain-hamilton-crowdAs per usual, it was a Mercedes 1-2 in the British Grand Prix. The difference was how we got to that result made the race much more exciting than the standard Mercedes 1-2. Lewis Hamilton won but he sure looked unlikely to pull that off for a good portion of the race.

Meanwhile, for all the action on-track, there was even more action happening off track as the teams start gearing up for the 2016 season.

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Formula One: 2012 Barcelona Test 2 Recap

Last week saw the drivers and teams of competing in the 2012 Formula One World Championship return to the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona for the final pre-season test before the start of the championship. This was the final opportunity for the teams to tune their cars up before the first official session of the season. Not surprisingly for a new season with some new rules, we saw some unexpected names and teams put in good performances during the test. Continue reading

Formula One: 2011 Jerez Test Recap

The second week of F1 testing ahead of the 2011 season started on a somber note after Robert Kubica’s accident the weekend prior in a rally in Italy. All the teams carried get well soon messages on their cars. Three different drivers ran the Lotus Renault GP R31 in testing and one even topped the time sheet during the third day’s running. This week’s testing saw many more names atop the daily time sheets than last week’s. Continue reading

Formula One: 2011 Valencia Test Recap

The first day of February brought an end to the moratorium on Formula One testing. All twelves teams took to the track for the first group test of the season. Not all team ran their 2011 car or even their most up to date aerodynamic packages but there are a few takeaways from the first test fo the 2011 season. Continue reading

F1 Singapore GP: Where The Streets Have No Name

Back in Germany, people were ready to have Ferrari thrown out of the sport for using team orders to get Fernando Alonso the win. After Alonso picked up his season win in as many races, it suddenly seems like a great idea. With his second win in the Singapore Grand Prix, the Spaniard vaulted himself right into the thick of the championship fight. Thanks to a clash between Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton, the title chase is wide-open again. Continue reading

F1 Off-Season Fallout: Back To The Future

The 1970s is informally referred to as the kit car era of Formula One. That was a time where most of the grid was running the Cosworth DFV V8 and a Heyland transaxle (gearbox, differential, and drive axle all in one). Only BRM and Ferrari weren’t running that combination in their cars. Over thirty years after the end of the kit car era, it looks as though we could be heading straight back to that. With the recent withdrawals of Honda, BMW, and Toyota, and the rumoured withdrawal of Renault, we could be headed back to kit car era. Continue reading