F1 Off-Season Fallout: Back To The Future

The 1970s is informally referred to as the kit car era of Formula One. That was a time where most of the grid was running the Cosworth DFV V8 and a Heyland transaxle (gearbox, differential, and drive axle all in one). Only BRM and Ferrari weren’t running that combination in their cars. Over thirty years after the end of the kit car era, it looks as though we could be heading straight back to that. With the recent withdrawals of Honda, BMW, and Toyota, and the rumoured withdrawal of Renault, we could be headed back to kit car era. Continue reading

Car Wall: BMW’s Epic Failures

Welcome to the second edition of the online Car Wall. We use this to help us rate cars’ coolness based on how well they help you pick up women. The ratings are (from least to most cool): Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool, and Sub-Zero. Today, I focus on BMW. They’ve had some good cars but they’ve recently come out with some monumental atrocities to the car world.

BMW M3 Continue reading

Car Wall: Summer Convertibles

Welcome to an old favourite from The Lowdown radio show.  When we wheeled the Car Wall out of storage what we did was rate cars based on how cool they were with cool being how much that a given car would help or hinder you in trying to pick up women.  The rankings are (from least to most cool): Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool, and Sub-Zero.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Well, it shouldn’t be so let’s move along.

Mazda Miata (MX-5) Continue reading