Formula 1: Mercedes To Buy Brawn GP

It was a move that was rumoured to go through for the 2011 season but the executives moved up their plans by a year. Mercedes Motorsports will buy a controlling interest in this year’s F1 World Constructors’ Champion, Brawn GP, and rename the team Mercedes Grand Prix for the 2010 Formula One World Championship. Continue reading

F1 Brazilian GP: He Is The Champion

It’s been nearly inevitable since the start of the season. When he went on that run of six wins in the first seven races, Jenson Button’s first world title seemed a near certainty. And try as he might to give the championship away, even his mediocrity couldn’t prevent him from picking up the biggest prize in all of motorsports. It wasn’t just a good day for Button but for all of Brawn GP which clinched the Constructors Championship after it nearly didn’t even race this season. Continue reading

F1 German GP: The Problem With Brawn

Mark Webber got a drive-through penalty for a small run-in with Rubens Barrichello at the start of the race but that didn’t stop him from winning his first F1 race. Perhaps the more intriguing story is that Rubens and Brawn couldn’t turn an early race lead and Webber’s penalty into the win. Maybe the political fun and games with Max was more interesting. Continue reading

F1 Turkey: Of Brawn, Boycotts, and TSN2

Another round of the 2009 F1 circus and another Jenson Button master class. Or should I call it a Brawn master class? Button won his sixth grand prix of the season going away. However, there was a chance that it wasn’t to be and I’m not talking about Sebastien Vettel. Meanwhile, Canada wishes TSN would just go away and give F1 coverage to someone else. Continue reading

Formula 1: How Does a Diffuser Work?

Tomorrow, the whole Formula One season will be turned on its head.  Either six cars from Brawn GP, Williams, and Toyota will have their controversial diffusers found illegal which will cause them to be disqualified from the first two rounds of the world championship or they will be deemed legal forcing the other seven teams to play catch-up.

So before we get to Tuesday’s game changing meeting of the international court of appeal, I thought I would be a good idea to look at how a diffuser works on an F1 car and why the solutions the three teams under protest have developed are so far ahead of the competition. Continue reading