F1 United States Grand Prix: Two-Stop Two-Step

f1-2014-usa-lewis-hamiltonNico Rosberg might have started the race on pole but he wasn’t able to finish on the point. Despite a late charge from the German, it was Lewis Hamilton who won his 10th race of the 2014 season and became the winningest British driver in Formula One history in only his 7th season in the top flight of international motorsport.

However, the race was really only a B-plot to this weekend’s story. The three weeks leading up to the United States Grand Prix saw two of the 11 teams on the grid go into administration and fail to turn up for this weekend’s race. In fact, neither team is expected to return in 2014 and may not be back in 2015. The weekend’s real story is the state of the sport and the financial viability for the whole grid and not the mainstays at the sharp end.

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F1 European GP: Hometown Hero

For the first time this season, we have a repeat winner. It was only appropriate that the driver who has gotten the most out of his equipment this season and was racing in a home race was the first driver to win two races this year as Fernando Alonso picked up the surprise win. For a race on the streets of Valencia, this race was full of drama with passing and crashing a regular occurrence. The race will also be remembered for Michael Schumacher scoring the first podium of his comeback as he scored a hard-fought third place finish. Continue reading

Formula One: TV Blackouts Need To Be Lifted

Near the end of the 2010 season, the Canadian broadcaster, TSN, became the only F1 coverage available to Canadian viewers for qualifying and the race. Previous to that, the race was also available on the standard definition feed of Speed Channel, the US broadcast rights holder. This was a result of TSN exercising its right to blackout the feed of other broadcasters to protect its rights to the local market. While that’s entirely fair under the contracts both broadcasters signed, it’s unfair to Canadian viewers who are being force-fed sub-par coverage. Continue reading

2010 Chase For The F1 Championship

Last year, I did a hypothetical experiment that looked at what would happen to the F1 title chase if Bernie Ecclestone insisted upon adopting NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup format. With Fernando Alonso coming up one race short of winning the title and Sebastian Vettel coming from third place in the standings to win his first title. So how would this year’s epic World Championship turn out under the NASCAR Chase for the Cup playoff format? I take a look at the 2010 championship, as well as every season dating back to 2003, after the jump. Continue reading

Formula One: Italian GP to Run on Full Monza Circuit

In a move to improve the quality racing at the upcoming Italian Grand Prix, Formula One Management and Italian GP organizers have announced modifications to Monza ahead of this year’s race. Instead of running on the configuration used in 2009, the stars of F1 will run on the historic (and dangerous) full circuit at Monza. Continue reading

Formula 1: Rules Changes Changing Cars

As we’ve mentioned before in our periodic F1 updates on the blog, Formula One has banned refuelling during the race for the 2010 season. Teams now have to carry enough fuel to run the 300+ km of race distance or otherwise suffer an embarrassing end of their grand prix on the side of the road. However, that isn’t the only rules change happening this season and teams are plotting rules changes for 2011, as well. Continue reading

Formula 1: 2010 Schedule and Points System Announced

Today, the FIA’s F1 Commission formally announced the new schedule for 2010 which includes the return of the Canadian Grand Prix and the first ever Korean Grand Prix. With next season’s grid expanding to 26 cars with the inclusion of four new teams, the F1 Commission also introduced a brand new points system for the 2010 season. The new schedule, points system and analysis after the jump. Continue reading

Chase For The F1 Championship

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been pushing hard to get a medal system implemented to determine the winner of the F1 World Championship. His proposed system has the driver winning the most race being named the champion. His proposal comes despite the fact that the last two seasons have seen the title decided in the final race of the year and by a single point each time. The points system changed back in 2003 to keep the championship race alive for longer. This system works but what if Bernie still wants to make a change? What if he was to borrow an American idea? Continue reading

Rumored 2010 Formula One Schedule Leaked

A draft version of the 2010 Formula One calendar has been circulating the paddock area at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix. The schedule confirms what Bernie Ecclestone told a Swiss newspaper that the Canadian Grand Prix will be returning to F1. The 2010 F1 season will be 18 races long running from mid-March to the beginning of November. Continue reading

F1 European GP: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

It all started so well for the McLaren-Mercedes team at the European Grand Prix. They locked out the front row and would have KERS to guarantee them the lead on a track that is notoriously hard to pass. However, the race results showed a mix of misfortune, mistakes, and strategy rather than just the qualifying results. In the end, it was Rubens Barrichello using a mix of strategy and taking advantage of mistakes to pick up his first win in five years. The race did show the continued improvement of McLaren and Ferrari. And, of course, there is all the silly season news and rumours that are kicking about with drivers trying desperately to find a ride for next season. Continue reading