Wednesday Link-Off: Fight For Your Right

This week marks the GOP convention which is a gathering of rich white men who fail to understand any issues facing someone who isn’t a white man with a household income greater than $250,000. Yet, nearly inexplicably, they still exist. Why do people support a party that is anti-people and borders on anti-freedom? The only freedom they allow are the freedoms they believe in. If they could, they’d outlaw any non-Christian beliefs and religions. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox and start this post off with Canadian model turned professional wrestler turned model again Maryse Ouellet.

Somehow this story has been kept quiet. A whistle-blower says that the NSA is secretly spying on all US domestic electronic communications. In other words, the American government is spying on you. (The New York Times)

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews finally takes the GOP to task for their disrespect of President Obama and continuously insinuating he’s not American. It’s about time a Democrat grew some balls. (Think Progress)

With the Tea Party dragging the Republican Party farther and farther to the right, would Republican hero Ronald Reagan be too moderate for today’s GOP? (Bloomberg Insider)

After the jump, Republicans say more dumb things about rape, Lisa Ann brings her Sarah Palin act to the RNC and a look inside first class airfare.

Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan referred to rape as a method of conception. Where’s the demands that he withdraw his candidacy? (Huffington Post)

Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania Republican candidate for the US Senate likened rape to having a child out-of-wedlock. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the Republicans? (The Patriot-News)

The whole rape debate has also included a debate over abortion. However, it turns out that  most Americans oppose a ban on abortion. (Daily Kos)

Here’s an interesting story about two homosexual men in the Republican Party. One sees hope for the future but the other has a very different opinion of the party he supports. (Mother Jones)

Porn star Lisa Ann has taken her talents to Tampa for the Republican National Convention. She’s doing her not-actually-Sarah Palin act at a strip club. (Gawker)

A jury of the uneducated in copyright law may have awarded $1 billion in damages to Apple but their battle with Samsung is far from over. (Gizmodo)

The Australians have discovered that bottled water is overpriced. It turns out some bottles are marked up by 180,000%. (The Sunday Telegraph)

Some all-star chefs have created a menu for the US Open of tennis. Morimoto is one of them. Allez cuisine! (Sports and Food) Also, why did no one tell me there’s a website called Sports And Food?! That’s two of my favourite things at the same time!

I’m working on a column that’ll change the way you think about The Newsroom but in the meantime, here’s another defence of the show. (The Atlantic)

Do you want a good review of your book? You can buy those. One such fake reviewer left a career in PR for a more lucrative career in making you look good. (New York Times)

Let’s have a couple of video game links to close out. First up is this link examining the making of Assassin’s Creed. (Edge Magazine)

Speaking of the making of games, here are videos of the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO that 38 Studios was working on before going bankrupt. (Kotaku)

Here’s a cool visual. What would other planets in the solar system look like at the same distance as the Moon?

Sweet Child O’ Mine is good but it’s better when played on a crazy musical contraption.

A guy filmed his first-class experience aboard an Airbus A380. I’m absolutely gobsmacked at how amazing it is.

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