Late Night Link-Off: The Great Linkdump Caper

Welcome to the first installment in what is our late-night linkdump here on the blog. We’re now negotiating doing a weekly linkdump for our pals over at a blog to be named when we complete the deal. These definitely aren’t the standard links that you’ll see on the WLO, ELO or SLO. Let’s call them rated-R links with some typical Lowdown fun and insanity. To kick off the first installment of the LNLO, here’s Taylor Swift who’s probably the least R-rated celeb in the world.

South Park just did their parody of food porn on last week’s episode but here are ten videos that are slightly more truthful in their advertising of food porn in a SFW sort of way. (Manofest)

After the jump sexual deviancy in sports, the greatest movie car chases, and gratuitous amounts of Yvonne Strahovski. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Instant Insanity

We live in a world where when something happens, everybody knows about it almost instantly. The age of the internet, we’ve become a society that is constantly connected with every other place on earth and we demand information as it happens. And this is driving me insane. You just can’t get away from the barrage of news and reviews from around the world. The problem is, though, that the thought of turning TweetDeck off scares me because I might miss something that happens as the story develops. This internal contradiction of not caring about knowing but still needing to know is driving me insane. And today’s Humanoids column is all about those things that drive people insane. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Diamond Gems

Taylor Swift has nothing to do with baseball but she’s one of American Idle’s few gems. Yes, I know how to spell.

After two awful prelude fights, negotiations are still happening to make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. However, the Pacman isn’t quite on the up and up on what’s happening in discussions. (Yahoo Sports)

It’s been 28 years since Gilles Villeneuve died at Zolder. Here’s a look at some of the best Gilles stories from his manager. (MotorSport Magazine) And, yes, he still is the greatest driver in F1 history.

Best job of all-time? Eric Byrnes will collect his big league money while playing in the beer leagues. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, scads of baseball links, hockey fan signs, and the best rant of the season. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Friday The 13th Edition

It’s that day of the year that shows up whenever the hell it wants. It’s Friday the 13th. Good luck avoiding homicidal maniacs that will try to kill and inevitably will if you try to run away screaming. But today’s column isn’t about serial killers, though I understand that one was in the news recently. No, today’s column is about things that are wastes of time or wasting our time or somehow attached to things that waste our time. Anyway, there’s dangerous forces at work that need to be stopped. Generally it’s the usual moroninity that I cover here on The Humanoids except that I was really fired up over some of the ridiculousness of some folks over the last week. This post might have a bad title but I’d like to think that the content is good.

Anyway, the latest episode of the radio show is online. This one had something that should go away: Me talking about TV. Entertainment should be purely Jackie’s domain. However, it had a lot of Christopher Walken’s Poker Face in there which brought the show right back up. Click here to get the synopsis and download links for the radio show and Extra. Our next show is going to be another hockey edition. Don’t worry, thing’s will pick up in December. We’re trying to get a copy of DJ Hero from Activision to review for the annual Christmas gift buying guide (also known as The Lowdown’s Salute to Capitalism). There’s no way that works out the way we want it to. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Gonna Fly Now

This week on The Humanoids, I’m talking about people riding a recently found wave of popularity and notoriety. These folks you just wouldn’t have brought up in conversation last week. They’ve gone from being completely off the radar to being the lead topics around the water cooler this week. Some of these conversations have just been folks rolling their eyes when they hear a name. Other conversations get people riled up over some of the dumb things that they’re tied up in. Will we still be talking about them next week? I don’t know because I sure didn’t think that they would be in this week’s column when I finished up last week’s. That’s why this column is subtitled Gonna Fly Now.

By the by, The Lowdown made its triumphant return to radio this week. We returned for Season Three on 94.9FM CHRW. You can find all the action here. We’re back on September 29 at 6:30 PM with our NHL preview special. It’s going to be a half-hour of fantasy hockey and general hockey season previews. Because the show is based in London, we have to throw in some gratuitous local content which means team previews of Detroit and Toronto. Expect the number 1967 to come up quite a bit. Continue reading