Entertainment Link-Off: Use the Force

taylor-swift-gq15-03bWelcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Jackie might still be on his world tour but I’m here to cover the entertainment links this week. Of course, Jackie picked a good week to hand this over to me. There’s a kids movie (Goosebumps), two early Oscar bait movies (Truth and Bridge of Spies) and a del Toro movie (Crimson Peak) which is probably your best bet for the weekend. I actually think the first link of the day will be your big entertainment story of the week.

Along with that, we have a look at what’s happening with former NBA/reality TV star Lamar Odom, current and upcoming box office bombs and Taylor Swift’s personal life. Speaking of which, let’s kick off with Taylor Swift.

Big news: The next Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer drops on Monday around 8:00 PM EDT. Tickets will go on sale after that. I’m wondering how many tickets I can get for the premiere. (io9)

Have you ever gone to Fandango for movie ratings? Their formula leaves something to be desired. (FiveThirtyEight)

“Virtually every drug imaginable” found in Lamar Odom’s system when he was admitted to hospital after having a stroke at a brothel. (Esquire)

Odom has a long history of drug abuse problems. It’s not been helped by being chewed up and spit out by the Kardashian money printing empire. (Yahoo Sports)

Institutional sexism in Hollywood is the hot topic of the day. While a number of actresses are speaking out about it, Emily Blunt thinks silence is the best response. Considering she’s at a career peak right now, I’m not sure that she may not be a bit biased. (BBC Newsbeat)

You’ve seen the Gersberms meme but do you know about the girl in the meme? (Vanity Fair)

Early estimates say that Pan could lose $150 million. Hitting that $150 million loss mark would make Pan the biggest box office bomb of all-time before inflation. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Robert Kirkman reveals the one character on The Walking Dead he wouldn’t kill. Let’s see if he sticks to it. (Warming Glow)

Die Hard won’t die. Hollywood is working on a Die Hard origin story movie. (Deadline)

How do you win a contest to meet Taylor Swift? Trick people on Reddit into voting for you so you can beat the teen who runs a fan site. (Upvoted)

Speaking of Tay-Tay, she and Calvin Harris may be on a break or done or just fine. The rumour mill has been swirling since Harris was caught coming out of a massage parlor that reportedly has a reputation for things that Harris has threatened to sue over if you mention it in writing. So, yeah, that… ALLEGEDLY! Also, poor Jackie. He puts together a lovely set of links every week and I’m busy laughing at celebrity gossip. (Dlisted)

You know who doesn’t get enough credit for doing clickbait? Mental Floss. Take this random 17 facts about Friday Night Lights, for example. (Mental Floss)

Netflix is getting into the movie business. Here’s the trailer for their first original movie.

There’s a Ratchet & Clank movie? Well, it’s not like it could go as poorly as every other game movie.


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