Sunday Link-Off: Grab A Chair

Between Romney and Ryan’s lies and Clint Eastwood’s invisible President on a chair, it’s been an interesting week in politics. With the Democratic National Convention this week, it’s not going to be any less dull. Anyway, let’s start this post off with Canadian model Nicole Williams.

What if the critics are wrong and Mitt Romney isn’t actually a flip-flopper but an opportunist who uses that appearance to mask his true intentions? (Rolling Stone)

Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech for the Republican VP nomination was so full of lies that even Fox News called him out on his bullshit. (Fox News)

Last Wednesday, I linked to an article asking if Reagan was too moderate for today’s Republican Party. It turns out that suggestion is gaining some traction. (New York Times)

After the jump, more GOP fact-checking, some fun with politics and all shouting on The Newsroom.

Fact checkers were kept busy at the Republican National Convention. First, here’s more on Paul Ryan’s speech. (The New Republic)

It’s not speech related but Ryan lied about running a marathon in under three hours. Hell, he hasn’t run a marathon under four hours. (Runner’s World)

Is President Obama really destroying welfare? Not according to people who are interested in facts. (

And here’s a look at some of the facts about Mitt Romney’s economic plan that he doesn’t want anyone making less than $200,000 a year to find out. (Think Progress)

One thing is readily apparent from these fact checking links: They’re all from the internet rather than mainstream media. When it comes to keeping politicians honest, the MSM just don’t care. (The Guardian)

I couldn’t talk about the RNC and not run a link about Clint Eastwood talking to a chair. Are we sure he wasn’t having a stroke on-stage? (Gawker)

IMPORTANT BREAKING ELECTION NEWS!!! The White House released the recipes to President Obama’s home brews. I need to start brewing. (The White House Blog)

In other RNC speeches, which of the lines in this post are from Ann Romney’s speech and which are from Taylor Swift songs? (Indecision)

Speaking of Taylor Swift, 4chan is doing their damnedest to send her to a school for the deaf for a concert. The Lowdown Blog fully supports this cause. (Gawker)

Michael Strahan is going to be the new co-host of Live with Kelly and he’ll keep his gig with the NFL on Fox. There’s no way this can end well. (Awful Announcing)

CBS is ramping up promotion of its new Sherlock Holmes series Elementary. Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC’s superior Sherlock Holmes, isn’t impressed with the American show. (Pajiba)

And let’s close up shop with a look at the 20 best sports moments on Parks And Rec. (With Leather)

Here’s a supercut of all the shouting in The Newsroom. The more Sam Waterston shouting, the better. I wrote a column about it last week, by the way.

I haven’t actually watched the whole Call Me Maybe video until I saw the Insane Clown Posse review it. If you haven’t seen the whole video, it’s safest to watch it in the company of like-minded sane people.

And for no real reason, here’s a koala swimming to a canoe.

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