The Best of OSW’s Film Reviews

osw-review-bannerThe lads over at OSW Review aren’t just about reviewing classic wrestling pay-per-views and events. If fact, they talk about a lot more than wrestling. Jay, V1 and OOC often veer into the world of movies with feature-length reviews done in the same style as their famous wrestling reviews.

For today’s look at the best of the interweb, we look at five of the best movie reviews by the gang at OSW Review.

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2015 in Movie Product Placement

Just in time for the Oscars, it’s time for us to do another look back at the year that was in movies. While most people have spent the last couple of months talking about which were the best (or worst) movies of 2015. We have a handy little infographic that takes a different approach to looking at last year’s movies.

As an occasional Kickstarter contributor, I get daily emails from the website and they tend to crow, justifiably, about award nominated movies that were funded through their website. Not all movies are crowdfunded, though. For the big blockbuster films that routinely cost in the $200 million range to make, studios are turning to product placements to fund movies in case the box office, Blu-Ray sales and Netflix can’t make ends meet for them. Which movies and companies are getting the most money, exposure and value from product placement in movies? That’s what this infographic tries to answer.

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Recreating Famous Movie Road Trips

One thing that I really wanted to do after university was go on a road trip. Sadly, when you’re a broke college student, gas and accommodations were the least of your problems. Being able to afford a car was going to be a much bigger task. Mind you, if the roof wasn’t torn, I was totally buying that 60s Ford Galaxy convertible.

Anyway, just because you couldn’t do a road trip back in the day doesn’t mean that you can’t do one now. Thanks to this handy infographic, maybe you can draw inspiration for your road trips from a movie.

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Entertainment Link-Off: The Replacements

rachel-mcadams-thewrap15-01Good day, denizens of the interweb. I’m here to cover off Jackie who’s gone walkabout in the Outback. Something like that. I don’t quite understand these Australian customs to be perfectly honest. Anyway, I’ve drawn in to cover the entertainment links for the next couple of weeks.

Hollywood is still abuzz with the racial implications of the Oscar nominations and that’s a story that likely won’t go away until weeks after the awards are actually given out. Considering the poor slate of new releases this weekend (Kung Fu Panda 3, a Fifty Shades parody and Hollywood trying to figure out how much star power Chris Pine has), no wonder it’s still the big story on the silver screen.

Anyway, you don’t click to read my banter. You click here for the links. So let’s kick things off with Rachel McAdams.

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Sunday Link-Off: When the Wallet Breaks

pia-wurtzbach-01The timing of holidays can really mess you up if you aren’t keeping on top of your calendar. For example, it wasn’t until late last night that I realized that yesterday was Saturday. All I knew about yesterday was that I had some shopping that needed to be done since the best deals of the year were on Boxing Day. I bought more than I wanted to, saved more than I care to admit and still didn’t buy much in the way of impulse buy items (I really want one of those colour changing party speakers but can’t justify the price). I don’t think anyone is looking forward to their credit card bills in January.

Anyway, since it’s apparently Sunday, we have to do the links and hopefully make me a penny or two towards my Christmas bills. Let’s kick things off with Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Ted Cruz was right about something. The more ex-felons are Democrats than Republicans. The problem is that’s not what he said. To say that most violent criminals are Democrats isn’t exactly true nor does it deviate from the general population. (Washington Post)

Anonymous’ cyberwar on ISIS has now turned the focus to its allies. They recently took down the internet in Turkey for their support of ISIS. (The Hill)

Internet freedom in America is dying. This isn’t just about CISA being included in the recently passed omnibus budget. (Motherboard)

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The Dollars and Cents of Star Wars (Infographic)

Last week, someone pointed out to me that we’re under a month to the premiere of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Putting the biggest movie franchise in the world in the hands of one of the hottest sci-fi directors who happens to be a noted Star Wars fan has The Force Awakens expected to be one of the biggest movies of all-time. Analysts are expecting Episode VII to top a $1 billion gross, a half-billion dollar opening weekend and maybe even beat $2 billion at the box office.

For more on the money made by Star Wars and the money spent to make that money, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.

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The Watches of Bond (Infographic)

When you think of James Bond, 007, Royal Navy Commander, Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Licence to Kill, you usually think of the cars or the suits or the beverages or the women or the gadgets from Q branch. You don’t think about what Bond wore on his wrist. However, Bond’s watches said just as much about him as his cars and toys.

To learn a but more about Britain’s most famous secret agent, we have a handy infographic for you perusal.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Use the Force

taylor-swift-gq15-03bWelcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Jackie might still be on his world tour but I’m here to cover the entertainment links this week. Of course, Jackie picked a good week to hand this over to me. There’s a kids movie (Goosebumps), two early Oscar bait movies (Truth and Bridge of Spies) and a del Toro movie (Crimson Peak) which is probably your best bet for the weekend. I actually think the first link of the day will be your big entertainment story of the week.

Along with that, we have a look at what’s happening with former NBA/reality TV star Lamar Odom, current and upcoming box office bombs and Taylor Swift’s personal life. Speaking of which, let’s kick off with Taylor Swift.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Panormous

kate-winslet-esquireuk15-05bHi folks. Steve here for the intro. Jackie’s off on a world tour or something like that right now so he got me to cover off the intro for this week’s ELO. Don’t worry about the actual links. Jackie had that covered before handing it off to me so you don’t have to worry about that.

This weekend is fairly quiet at theatres. Pan is really the only noteworthy film unless you’re located near an advanced screening of Steve Jobs. Maybe you’d prefer to stay in and watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. We have a link about TWD along with stories about The Martian, superhero movies, some movie trailers and more.

But first, let’s kick off the links with Kate Winslet who will be in Steve Jobs.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Wibbly Wobbly

jenna-coleman-polochallenge15-01Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Jackie’s cashing in the favour I asked last week when he covered the SLO so I’m doing the entertainment links this week. I’ve actually got a pretty good week this week. Doctor Who is back today/tonight (depending on where you live) and most of the rest of TV is back next week.

And since Doctor Who is back and we have some links about her in this post, let’s kick off the links with Jenna Coleman.

After the jump, we have some Doctor Who-ish links, a look at the late-night landscape, a smattering of showbiz updates and more.

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