Entertainment Link-Off: Wibbly Wobbly

jenna-coleman-polochallenge15-01Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Jackie’s cashing in the favour I asked last week when he covered the SLO so I’m doing the entertainment links this week. I’ve actually got a pretty good week this week. Doctor Who is back today/tonight (depending on where you live) and most of the rest of TV is back next week.

And since Doctor Who is back and we have some links about her in this post, let’s kick off the links with Jenna Coleman.

After the jump, we have some Doctor Who-ish links, a look at the late-night landscape, a smattering of showbiz updates and more.

Now that the last generation of late-night hosts has retired, the new generation of late-night talk show hosts could bring late-night back to the glory days. (Vanity Fair)

When a fall TV preview begins with “this is the worst fall season in modern television history, and I don’t believe it’s close,” you know that you’re in for a fun year. At least Haven is back in early October… Even then, I’m glad it’s getting 13 episodes to wrap up rather than drag it out some more. (Hollywood Prospectus)

In the run up to the last Christmas Special, Jenna Coleman’s future on Doctor Who was in doubt as her contract was up at the end of the year. In my review, I mentioned that ramped up the tension in that episode. Ironically, after all that speculation, Coleman announced ahead of this season that she won’t be back next. (BBC News)

Fun fact: When googling Jenna Coleman for that link, the second autocomplete was “Jenna Coleman Prince Harry.” So this story is a month old and already out of date but apparently Prince Harry tried to pick up Coleman. (Independent)

Regular readers know I have a fondness for blind gossip items. So which musician is hiding bi-polar disorder? (Blind Gossip)

Are movie trailers giving away too much nowadays? The latest trailer for Creed gives away everything but the ending. Of course, if Tony Burton was back as Duke, I would go see it anyway. (All Day Every Week) Fun fact: Only three characters appeared in the first six Rocky movies – Rocky, Paulie and Duke (Apollo/Rocky’s trainer). With the release of Creed, only Rocky will have appeared in all movies in the franchise.

The Rolling Stones are going to hit the studio for a new album. And then they’ll go on tour and people will only want to hear the classics. (Rolling Stone)

NBC has found their new master for The Apprentice. What exactly he’s mentoring people in I don’t… Screw it. It’s all a gimmick for ratings anyway. (Us Magazine)

Did you know that Golden Girls has been around for 30 years? It’s the one show that nobody I know has ever watched but everyone has referenced. So here are some facts about the show to celebrate the anniversary. (Warming Glow)

A little teaser for an upcoming TIFF review. (Yes, I have a couple of film festival reviews for you in the coming weeks.) Here’s a trailer for Freeheld starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page. Spoiler for the review: Ellen Page’s name got the loudest applause from the crowd and with good reason. Moore will get the award consideration but Page carried the emotions of that movie on her back.

The other TIFF review you’ll be seeing is on Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr. I actually was at the premiere and met Dennis Edney (Khadr’s lawyer). This was a really fascinating movie and I’ll explain why when we get to the review.


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