2015 in Movie Product Placement

Just in time for the Oscars, it’s time for us to do another look back at the year that was in movies. While most people have spent the last couple of months talking about which were the best (or worst) movies of 2015. We have a handy little infographic that takes a different approach to looking at last year’s movies.

As an occasional Kickstarter contributor, I get daily emails from the website and they tend to crow, justifiably, about award nominated movies that were funded through their website. Not all movies are crowdfunded, though. For the big blockbuster films that routinely cost in the $200 million range to make, studios are turning to product placements to fund movies in case the box office, Blu-Ray sales and Netflix can’t make ends meet for them. Which movies and companies are getting the most money, exposure and value from product placement in movies? That’s what this infographic tries to answer.

Product Placements Awards
Infographic The Product Placemant Oscars by Watches2U. Click to embiggen.


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