Entertainment Link-Off: The Replacements

rachel-mcadams-thewrap15-01Good day, denizens of the interweb. I’m here to cover off Jackie who’s gone walkabout in the Outback. Something like that. I don’t quite understand these Australian customs to be perfectly honest. Anyway, I’ve drawn in to cover the entertainment links for the next couple of weeks.

Hollywood is still abuzz with the racial implications of the Oscar nominations and that’s a story that likely won’t go away until weeks after the awards are actually given out. Considering the poor slate of new releases this weekend (Kung Fu Panda 3, a Fifty Shades parody and Hollywood trying to figure out how much star power Chris Pine has), no wonder it’s still the big story on the silver screen.

Anyway, you don’t click to read my banter. You click here for the links. So let’s kick things off with Rachel McAdams.

SNL’s newest writers spends his spare time trolling the Westboro Baptist Church. I like this guy. (Inverse)

Analysis of classic and modern Disney princess movies doesn’t reflect well on today’s Disney writers. (The Mary Sue)

Sir Ian talks about the problems with the Oscars and the Academy beyond not nominating minorities for awards. (Vulture)

On that note, a roundtable discussion about racism in Hollywood. (The Hollywood Reporter)

And ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith thinks that it was the NFL that kept Will Smith from getting an Oscar nomination. Considering how much money they print, I’m sure the NFL was scared of the Oscar nominations when Will wasn’t a favourite at the Golden Globes. (New York Daily News)

With the US electoral primaries just around the corner, The Daily Show might be at an all-time low in relevance. (Slate)

The Onion has been sold to Univision. I think they decided to have some satire to compete with Fox News. (NPR)

TLC broke into the mainstream many years ago with home redesign shows. HGTV is doing the same on the back of home shopping shows. (New York Times)

Just as the legal system was getting over CSI and other generic police procedurals destroying the criminal court system, Making a Murderer and the upcoming The People vs OJ: An American Crime Story are about to do the same. (Uproxx)

To celebrate the return of The X-Files, the CIA are showcasing some of their X-Files. (CIA)

Kanye doesn’t like Wiz Khalifa because Wiz’s ex is Kanye’s ex. The way South Park portrayed Kanye on the fish sticks episode might not have been a parody since it’s so damn accurate. (The Daily Beast)

In this week’s bizarre story, a Broadway star rat died in a fall. Yes, a rat can be a star on Broadway. (New York Times)

Jackie usually rounds his links off with some trailers so let’s do the same thanks to the magic of Reddit. Coincidentally, /r/Movies is also where I get trailers for the Movie Trailers Roundup on et geekera (shameless plug).

Anyway, there’s a Finding Nemo sequel coming soon called Finding Dory. I suppose it was inevitable.

Also in likely bank-making Disney movies, Zootopia is coming very soon.

They could be trumped by Illumination whose next movie is The Secret Life of Pets. At least it’s a kids’ movie so we won’t need DoesTheDogDie.com, right?


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