Entertainment Link-Off: Panormous

kate-winslet-esquireuk15-05bHi folks. Steve here for the intro. Jackie’s off on a world tour or something like that right now so he got me to cover off the intro for this week’s ELO. Don’t worry about the actual links. Jackie had that covered before handing it off to me so you don’t have to worry about that.

This weekend is fairly quiet at theatres. Pan is really the only noteworthy film unless you’re located near an advanced screening of Steve Jobs. Maybe you’d prefer to stay in and watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. We have a link about TWD along with stories about The Martian, superhero movies, some movie trailers and more.

But first, let’s kick off the links with Kate Winslet who will be in Steve Jobs.

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BIFF2013: Labor Day

labor day posterIt’s okay to let yourself be happy, because you never know how fleeting that happiness may be. Jason Reitman’s latest effort Labor Day is a moving film that looks into how desperately we seek happiness and how quickly that happiness can be torn away once it is achieved. It is a snapshot of the happiness found with the storm clouds looming on the horizon. The film carries a melancholic tone to it, even during moments when things are seemingly good. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Summer Sizzler

It’s time for the Sunday links right before Labour Day. And since you can’t wear white after Labour Day (or something like that), here’s Kate Winslet wearing white.

Last week, we looked at how to pair wine with food. Well, you can also pair beer with food. (Wall Street Journal)

If you want to watch the next Yankees/Red Sox game, I’d think about skipping the beer and go for coffee instead. These two teams officially play baseball’s most inexplicably long games. (New York Times)

Fred Taylor signed a one-day contract with Jacksonville so he could retire a Jaguar. But how exactly does a one-day contract work? Barry Petchesky investigates the answer to a question I’ve never heard anyone ask. After reading this, you’ll wonder why nobody asked before. (Deadspin)

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