Sunday Link-Off: When the Wallet Breaks

pia-wurtzbach-01The timing of holidays can really mess you up if you aren’t keeping on top of your calendar. For example, it wasn’t until late last night that I realized that yesterday was Saturday. All I knew about yesterday was that I had some shopping that needed to be done since the best deals of the year were on Boxing Day. I bought more than I wanted to, saved more than I care to admit and still didn’t buy much in the way of impulse buy items (I really want one of those colour changing party speakers but can’t justify the price). I don’t think anyone is looking forward to their credit card bills in January.

Anyway, since it’s apparently Sunday, we have to do the links and hopefully make me a penny or two towards my Christmas bills. Let’s kick things off with Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Ted Cruz was right about something. The more ex-felons are Democrats than Republicans. The problem is that’s not what he said. To say that most violent criminals are Democrats isn’t exactly true nor does it deviate from the general population. (Washington Post)

Anonymous’ cyberwar on ISIS has now turned the focus to its allies. They recently took down the internet in Turkey for their support of ISIS. (The Hill)

Internet freedom in America is dying. This isn’t just about CISA being included in the recently passed omnibus budget. (Motherboard)

Is it too early for year-end lists? MacLean’s has its list of their top 12 long reads of the year. (MacLean’s)

Justin Trudeau was on that MacLean’s list a couple of times. Now that his government has gone to work, he should get started on the task of electoral reform. (National Observer)

A pirated copy of Hateful Eight has been traced back to a screener sent to a Hollywood production funding executive. How exactly did it end up online? (The Hollywood Reporter)

Michael Moore has a new documentary out. It’s not about the next election but he has an opinion on that. (Vanity Fair)

In news that should surprise no one, Johnny Depp is Hollywood’s most overpaid actor. (The Guardian)

Most ex-wrestling personalities use their popularity to start a wrestling podcast. Former WCW and TNA announcer Mike Tenay is returning to his roots by hosting a gambling podcast. (Sports Illustrated)

Apparently those who are into geek culture are narcissists. Well, after being treated as, well, geeks, no wonder why geeks would become narcissists. We love what we love and fuck you for treating us as second-class for loving it. (The Independent)

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