Sunday Link-Off: A Hive of Scum and Randominity

january-jones-gq-1January Jones is not described accurately by the title of this post. Though I would imagine that her Emmy-nominated show, Mad Men, could be described as such.

It’s always nice to make fun of people you know who have the same name as porn star. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be as fun for you if you were a well known public personality. (Mediaite)

Speaking of porn, there might be a video tape to that effect of MMA superstar Gina Carano. We could be talking about the highest selling sex tape of all time. (Cagewriter)

Keeping with the theme of nudity, ESPN superstar reporter and blogosphere favourite Erin Andrews was filmed naked in her hotel room though the peephole. Bloggers (including yours truly) and oglers fail to see the humour. (Deadspin: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) I’ll have more on this story on Friday with my Humanoids column.

After the jump, Megan Fox, Jeremy Mayfield’s drug and family issues, and Charles Barkley attempts an interview for Canadian TV.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked NASCAR, though it may have to do with getting snubbed from getting press accreditation. Anyway, suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield’s long legal battle just got a bit longer with another failed drug test. Instead of fighting back in court, he’s doing it everywhere else. (Deadspin) Elsewhere, Tom Jensen has a more complete look at all of Mayfield’s controversies. (SpeedTV)

My interest in golf has returned. Strange that it would have nothing to with Tiger’s return earlier this year or Phil’s courageous run at the U.S. Open. Instead, it has to do with that old guy who’s showing the younguns how to get ‘er done. (

Only in Australia: The Aussies are opening the world’s longest golf course in the Outback. It will be 850 miles long (technically speaking) and opens in October. So if I tee off on opening day, I’ll shoot a… Whatever it is when I finish in March. (Daily Mail

I haven’t met a man yet who doesn’t love Megan Fox. Now Gawker is trying to get ladies to show her some love. (Gawker)

Jackie mentioned Harry Potter briefly yesterday but he didn’t mention that there are a lot of HP cast look-alikes in the sporting world. (Sports Rubbish)

Back to MMA superstars, Georges St. Pierre wrote a blog about his UFC 100 experience. (GSP at YardBarker)

Because they don’t actually matter, ESPN spoiled the results of their own sports awards show, the ESPYs. Warning: The link may contain spoilers. (ESPN)

Have you heard of the World Games? Well, Taiwan is currently host them and the main stadium is pretty good. Not as good as Beijing’s Water Cube but better than Vancouver’s B.C. Place football stadium that will be converted into the Olympic Stadium. (New York Times)

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