Sunday Link-Off: Fauxcoming Weekend

lacey-chabert1After my first day off from blogging in almost three weeks, here’s Lacey Chabert.

This weekend was “Fauxcoming” at Queen’s University which is a student initiated replacement for proper Homecoming. In fact, it’s an idea that we championed on the radio show to protest the end of Homecoming. Anyway, Neate Sager takes an in-depth look at Homecoming and the issues around it. (The CIS Blog)

The Queen’s Journal also had a live blog of the Fauxcoming party on Aberdeen Street. Am I the only one that thought a car being flipped was just a case of “boys will be boys”? The guy got an insurance payout and a donation from the students. He benefitted from that. (Queen’s Journal)

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell may be a multi-time UFC champion but he’s no hot foot on the dance floor. Football and MMA insider Jay Glazer went behind the scenes with The Iceman for his Dancing With The Stars experience. (FOX Sports)

After the jump, sports movie hotties, a Western Mustangs cheerleader hottie, and Kimbo’s got a gun.

This Wednesday, Kimbo Slice will take to the octagon for the first time on The Ultimate Fighter 10. If things don’t go well for Kimbo, he may resort to one of his old intimidation tactics. (Cagewriter)

All think talk of Queen’s Fauxcoming makes it appropriate for me to mention this list of the Top 10 tailgating colleges in America. (CNBC)

Jay Mariotti is nothing if not hated by all rational and sane readers of his columns. Take this break down of Mariotti’s latest piece, for example. (Blue Star)

A very good piece about sport broadcasters hiring talent based on looks rather than their actual talent. (The Sports Bank)

Speaking of broadcasting talent, I don’t think any of these folks were hired for any of their journalism skills but their entertainment value. (Uncoached)

For those of you who never heard John Sterling call a game before, here’s all you need to know about his catchphrase “Theeeeeeee Yankees Win!” (New York Magazine)

I know third jerseys and throwback jerseys are all the rage now but the Oregon Ducks have taken it too far. I believe I’ve mentioned before that they have 160 different uniform combinations but now you can examine them all for yourself. (Oregon Live)

Speaking of football, Plaxico Burress started his two-year prison term for illegal possession of a firearm last week. However, it turns out that he wasn’t carrying his gun in his sweat pants as widely reported. (Deadspin)

Need something to pass the time during the work week? Take a crack at Top Gear’s take on the Where’s Waldo? books called Where’s Stig? (Where’s Stig)

Another double-dip of photo galleries today. The first one is part photo gallery and part list. It’s a look at the Top 60 hottest women in sports movie. This may come as a shock but #1 was disappointing. (Bleacher Report)

Our second photo gallery brings us back to my old stomping grounds at UWO. Danielle Hilliard of the Western Mustangs cheerleading team was’s Cheerleader of the Week. Here is the interview. And here is her photo gallery. If she’s reading this, the radio show would be a great place to talk about her experience on the cheerleading team and working with SI.

Scaring your girlfriend with a fake head is funny at first but I’m sure he’ll soon learn that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but North Carolina has released a new scratch ticket in honour of the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair. WOOOOOO!!!!!

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