Sunday Link-Off: Race Day

It’s the greatest day in motorsport today. That’s why today’s linkdump is up early. In a half-hour, it’s the Monaco Grand Prix. That’s followed by the Indianapolis 500 in the afternoon and the Coca-Cola 600 this evening. So before the first green flag of the day wave, here’s American model Alyssa Miller. She seemed an appropriate choice for today. By the way, she’s not on Maxim’s Hot 100 list but Amanda Knox, Lois Griffin and anyone who did a Maxim shoot over the last 24 months or will do one appearing in the next three to six months is on there. What a waste of everybody’s time to acknowledge its existence.

Given the trouble that NCAA athletes seem to get themselves into, programs are using new ways to monitor their charges. They’re now contracting out to a social media monitoring service in order to keep their athletes out of trouble. (Deadspin)

Facebook opened just over a week ago at $38 per share. Now, it’s under $32 per share. How could the opening valuation be so wrong that Facebook has lost 16% of its value in a week? Maybe it’s because the current system is broken. (New Yorker)

The RIAA are fine, upstanding group protecting the interests of musicians. They’re so keen to protect music that they sued Limewire for $72 trillion. (AV Club)

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Sunday Link-Off: Fauxcoming Weekend

lacey-chabert1After my first day off from blogging in almost three weeks, here’s Lacey Chabert.

This weekend was “Fauxcoming” at Queen’s University which is a student initiated replacement for proper Homecoming. In fact, it’s an idea that we championed on the radio show to protest the end of Homecoming. Anyway, Neate Sager takes an in-depth look at Homecoming and the issues around it. (The CIS Blog)

The Queen’s Journal also had a live blog of the Fauxcoming party on Aberdeen Street. Am I the only one that thought a car being flipped was just a case of “boys will be boys”? The guy got an insurance payout and a donation from the students. He benefitted from that. (Queen’s Journal)

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell may be a multi-time UFC champion but he’s no hot foot on the dance floor. Football and MMA insider Jay Glazer went behind the scenes with The Iceman for his Dancing With The Stars experience. (FOX Sports)

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